The Call Went Out…

I texted.

Ok…remember when I asked you to put pants on your head?

Well in the same spirit, I’m asking that you stop and text me a pic of where or how you are spending quarantine….I will share some on my blog….thanks! Lyd

You responded.

*Arts and crafts, *gardening,  *opening an online site (, * rug hooking, *fine dining at home

*new puppy, *watching eaglets hatch,*rearrange to accommodate a friend,*self help, *pottery or any other passion

*sewing facemasks, *learning sustainability, *prepping to paint, *hanging out in the garden, *getting outdoors

*hanging  with the grandkids

*puzzles, *doctoring (thanks you guys), *baking, *quilting

*working from home *happy birthday, *quilting, *staying in touch, *painting birthday presents

*What have you been up to?


4 thoughts on “The Call Went Out…

  1. Staying home is pretty much a way of life for me as we live in rural West Texas and there’s not a lot else to do. I am enjoying having my sweet Papa Bear home with me as we shelter in place for a few weeks hoping to avoid the virus.


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