Living Under Quarantine at the TTOT


  • 29 days in quarantine but who’s counting?
  • My dog acted like I walked to Everest and back after I went to put out the garbage without her. I think she’s getting  separation anxiety no?
  • I didn’t  make my bed for the first time ever….no kidding…I think it was almost ever….it was liberating.
  • I think my mother has become addicted to Amazon now that we can’t  go see her.
  • The people who occupy the other two  apartments at my house are living their lives like there is no such thing as covid-19.

Okay, so now that I got that off my chest, on to the TTOT.

There is much for which I am grateful

  • Joulie goes without saying….although I just did
  • Started a guest post on Carrot to rave reviews…thank you Ryan. Go check it out! And if you want to guest post let me know!
  • It’s  Easter and although  we can’t  all be together, we live in a time where it is at least possible  to  connect not to mention  actually see each other and spend time together.

    Easter 1967
  • I have been ill and a good friend and herbalist (see ryan above) has been distance and tele-nursing me back to health…thanks again Ryan.
  • I did get tested for covid 19….no results yet but I am grateful  that the experience  was as positive  as  it could be when someone sticks a Q tip into your brain via your sinuses. I was saying that I think they probably  damaged the part that does long division. I’m  sticking with that excuse.
  • All those people working with family and healthcare…thank you. Thank you
  • Grocery delivery.  Thank you.
  • The staff at my mother’s assisted living facility have been amazing.
  • Her aid is now one of my all time favorite people. Love her!
  • That my mother who is known for her dangerous stubbornness,  has managed to remain on her feet. I pray every day that she stays that way because she is her own worst enemy.
  • Texting with friends  has always been an asset  to me  but even more so now. Thanks everyone!
  • Friends who are willing to participate in my texting photo bombs.

*This one was put your pants on your head

*This was how are you spending quarantine

*What are you grateful about? Link up with Kristi at Thankful Me and share the wealth!




10 thoughts on “Living Under Quarantine at the TTOT

  1. I didn’t know you were not feeling well. Praying the test is negative and that your mom stays well and feisty. Love the Easter picture. I didn’t know you had a dog….


  2. Totally agree with your Number Three Grat Item*
    In fact, it was kinda one of my Grats this week. The nature of the blogosphere and all.
    Trust you and J and them will stay well as the seasons progress.

    * though, technically, it might more properly be identified as bullet point 1 + sum of 1..2…3**
    ** the stuff of nightmares for a hypo-mathematically-inclined person such as myself… I do remember something from junior high school that my memory (like thats reliable insists was a sequence producing formula…or something… I should go look it up, but I still don’t care about the magic that is mathematics


  3. I hope you are feeling better soon and that the test comes back negative.
    Delivery and curbside pickup has been wonderful. We were able to order the supplies to build garden boxes and then just pick them up curbside. Especially nice since there was a huge line to get into the home improvement store, and we imagine it was crazy inside!
    Joules must have a huge personality! It shines through in your posts and photos; I can only imagine what she’s like in person (“dog”?)!


    1. Im not as convinced as dr. I think its just the fllu or something. Anyway, yes joules has a big personality….skip was a pretty chill guy except for the bear issue. Joulie asserts herself…and is a little too smart.

      Hi Drexel!


  4. I can so relate to how those who care for our loved ones in care facilities become dear friends and almost like family.
    Love that little Easter 1967 photo!
    I hope you get the results of the test back soon, so you have an answer. Praying will be negative.
    Not making the bed can be liberating. HaHa. I have to be pretty sick not to make the bed. It is amazing the lessons in life that stick like glue all through the years.


    1. Hi Pat! Yes my mom’s caregiver is incredibly special and we are so fortunate to have her at a time like this.

      I love the hats on my brothers in that 67 photo!


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