I’ve Sealed My Fate

I’m sure everyone has a few times in their lives when they felt as though there was no turning back. Looking at entries from my past 3 blogs, I realize that most of those times for me are followed by a post. So despite the fact that I have not written anything in some time, that’s not enough to hold me back. This, therefore, is no exception.

Some of you you will remember my first dog Skip, who passed about 4 years ago. He was also known as Douglas and for some strange reason he was known as my accountant in Great Britain. I went to bring a client to the hospital and walked away with the “crack house dog.” I brought him to the Humane Society who thought he was not rehab material. They asked me to take him for a walk while we waited for the Dr. to put him down. We walked to my car and the rest is blogging history. I will say that the next day when I was leaving the ER with six stitches from what I’m sure was a difficult detox, I was thinking, “What in the hell have I done?” I would trade none of that time.

Skip, doug

Then along came Joulie: named for the unit in physics in which an equal amount of work is put in for a specific amount of energy. She took a lot of work. Because of a blind eye and a facial deformity she is also lovingly called “The Pirate.”

It seems all of my canines come with baggage. Joulie was found with her deceased owner and subsequently placed in multiple homes only to be returned because she’s quite the barker. One of these stunning examples of humanity broke her face leaving her with a broken jaw and very few teeth. Again, it’s all ancient history. Joulie is a fabulous dog.

the pirate

Two weeks ago I met Jaxon. He had been living with a woman who truly loved him, but because of Alzheimers disease, could not care for him. She had been overfeeding him sweets and other “people food” to the point of obesity and diabetes. He had been near death the two weeks before we met and he is now a pretty unstable diabetic. We are all working hard to balance his insulin, exercise and diet. He is a very sweet boy with serious medical and house training needs. Gradually he is learning to do dog things again.

Joulie and Jax

I have had plenty of “what have you done” moments over the past two weeks, but more often when people ask me that same question I can honestly answer, “what I absolutely needed to do.” No regrets.


17 thoughts on “I’ve Sealed My Fate

  1. There is no doubt in my mind that Jax was meant to find his way to you, someone with the knowledge, love, and patience to help him heal and relearn how to be a dog. He is living the good life now, and Joulie is adapting to having a brother. I think the three of you make a marvelous family, and I love you for taking him in! ♥️


  2. I’m been thinking of you lately and wondering how things were going. How exciting to add another dog to the family! Tell Jax and Joulie hello from Drexel!


  3. “Gradually he is learning to do dog things again.

    Species notwithstanding, ain’t that how some of us are using the time we spend here in the blogosphere?


    (Excellent photation… surely the single most reliable indicators of trust is the willingness to flop and sleep, out in the semi-middle of everything.)

    ‘Joules, Sax ‘n Zoee’. Damn! that is one fine sounding name (Well, hell! Who wouldn’t immediately have a visual of smoky jazz club, smoke-veiled chanteuse and the friendly-side of two am?”)

    A nod, while scanning the room. the new partner.

    Regrettably not having the opportunity to meet him, (although I consider myself a reliable judge of character* even in a photo), I will venture to say, Skip would have approved.

    *at least with canines


      1. saw you stopped by (and followed!) the Order of Lilith/the Whitechapel Interlude serial story.
        you, of course, have my gratitude by virtue of your encouraging my participation in the Six Sentence Story during your stewardship*. Will be adding to the story (as a Six) on alternate weeks.

        *well, getting in character totally means what it sounds like. lol

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I adore time travel and victorian genres… i kinda had to follow!!! Im glad you told me when you add… I keep checking it….now I will just wait to be notified


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