I haven’t been in the blogosphere in some time. I have all kinds of excuses real and imagined:

  • My computer keyboard was shot and I couldn’t afford a new computer or justify repairing the old one for a comparable price (real with a hint of imagination) Yes, I do have a tablet and several other ways to get to my blog. Why do you ask?
  • I was so busy with what I often refer to as my life (imagined) I mean yes, I have a life… but is it that busy? No, no it is not.
  • I was moving. (real and imagined) I did buy a new house and moved. Those of you who have been to my blog in the past know how I felt about my former home, so leaving it was not easy. Honestly though, I didn’t have to sort through and decide which of thousands of taxidermied animals, and millions of logoed t-shirts and mugs I would keep or let go of, so it wasn’t like I didn’t have a few minutes to ramble on as I am doing right now.
  • “My Gawd! There was a pandemic!” (imagined) Yes, there is a pandemic. A historical event of mammoth proportions…. HOWEVER… contrary to popular belief (even my own) it is NOT the reason for every failing or inability to meet a deadline. A few months ago I had to call the Massachusetts Housing Authority for a client. I asked how far backed up the list was for subsidized housing and she replied that it was approximatly seven years behind. She went on to say the pandemic had expanded their waiting list. “By SEVEN YEARS?” I asked. I also had to ask why she hadn’t warned the rest of the world if she had known about the pandemic seven years ago. There is a limit to how far someone can push this one as an excuse. If anything, since the pandemic I probably had MORE time to write.

So yeah, plenty of reasons. None of them any good. I know I didn’t have to give any reasons because as I have mentioned in the past, this is one of the places I can disappear for a period of time and still be welcomed back with open arms. I’m looking forward to that…. It’s a pretty great thing.

What better place to start than with a gratitude list? I mean, c’mon…. Clark, Dyanne, Kristi, Denise, (your name here) How can you go wrong?

  • I may have briefly introduced you all to Jack. I believe he was still going by Jaxon back then. He’s doing great.
  • Joulie has adjusted to another dog in the house which I NEVER thought she would do. She’s pretty great as well.
  • That people are still out here encouraging a grateful spirit… as are some of the old familiar names, in addition to new blogs to explore.
  • Work: I have been able to work through the pandemic and I don’t think I can tell you how grateful I am for that one.
  • A vaccine that allows me to see my mother for whom despite my snarky comments, I am truly grateful.

Mom’s birthday today

I’m grateful for family. Again I am a snarky character and often have some sarcastic comment but overall, I really like my family. I enjoy their company and I’m sure I am totally unbiased in thinking they are all uniquely talented. They paint, they write, they sculpt…. lucky me, they also know that art is one of my favorite things.

  • I have quite a few people in my life who are chronically ill and I am grateful for their perseverance. With as many people as were lost over this past year, I am grateful for all who made a difference either by working the front lines, masking or quarantine or even the smallest actions. I am grateful for a turn of events and hope it continues. My sincerest sympathies for those who were lost.
  • I’m still grateful for a really bad B movie. I am running out of my favorite black and white 1950 to 1960s extraterrestrial invasion movies. I’m going to be sad when I can’t find one I haven’t seen, but so far that hasn’t happened… thank goodness.
  • I’m grateful that my desire to write has returned even if it turns out to be temporary (but I do hope it lasts).
  • I’m grateful to be starting to figure out this new format…. Let’s end with a pictorial representation of gratitude shall we?

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20 thoughts on “YOU DON’T KNOW JACK

  1. So glad to see you linking up again. Happy birthday to your Mom! So glad Joulie and Jack have figured it out that they can share you and the house. I am grateful for all those in the front lines too.

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    1. Hi Pat! Thanks so much. A few of us got vaccinated in time to have mom over for dinner today. Last year we had to cancel a big 90th party so at least we can do a little something this year.Hope all is well!


  2. So lovely that you’re back. And great that you’re writing. Hope you keep it up. I write with other writers everyday at free sessions the London Writers Salon put on.. Check it out. Wherever you are in the world you should be able to get to one of the four times they put on. If you do turn up, you could put a little not in the chat . Maybe “Maz Green told me about you” – or what ever you want .

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  3. You blogged!! And a whole TToT list no less! Nothing makes me happier than people finding positives in their lives despite the stress and chaos of the past year. Good things have happened for you, including a sweet home of your own at last, and an adorable new furkid/brother for Joulie. Jack truly hit the jackpot when you rescued him! High on my list of Thank You’s… you being such a tremendous blessing in my life! ♥️ Welcome back to the blogsphere!

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      1. I was thinking I could make up a fake fun fact for each one….like Im so thankful for Wendy because as a multimillioairess I can always rely on her for my car payment…. think that would work?

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  4. well, yes, I did have the Taciturn dressing on the salad at lunch.

    Good to ‘read’ you.
    Excellent to see a new canine addition to home ‘n hearth. (Loved the photos, btw)

    As Mr. Garcia once said, ‘What a long strange trip it’s been.”
    And, like the Dead, this band of bloggers continues on… Lizzi built well. Durability and persistence is of the highest values here in the ‘sphere, imo. We all wander, drawn by demands from the ‘real’ world and such, but having the old clubhouse still here is way cool.

    Maybe see you this Thursday in Sixville?

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  5. Hi Zoe,
    Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! Also, strange seeing your dogs as they are identical to my long lost Leonardo, how odd is that one? LOL. Thank you for directing me to the 6. Talk to you soon 🙂

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    I can come up with even more excuses than you did, and I’m the host! Once in awhile, I go completely AWOL. Shit happens.
    You need to text me your new address. Phone number the same?

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    1. IWILL I WILL I WILL…. yknow when I was hosting the six sentence thingy I hardly ever showed up I was such a derelict! Off to text you!


      1. I’m totally a derelict, too, and it makes me feel weirdly better that you were one as well. And I never even noticed it, so maybe no one notices my pathetic attempts at being the hostess with the mostest…?

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