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I have been waking up in a particularly cranky mood… just ask my dogs. They are so patient with me. I am truly grateful because if they were as cranky as I often am, they would have attacked me in my sleep by now just to be rid of me. Luckily they know how to relax and ignore the ridiculous behaviors of most humans.

I am grateful that the cranky was this morning and it is now several hours since I started this post and my mood has dissipated.

My sister and brother in law came over for lunch today and we were supposed to get some stuff done around the outside of the house but it decided to rain and my back yard is once again flooded. It was a good lunch though and they brought these killer oatmeal raisin cookies. So crunchy! My favorite!

They were running late so I had time to cool my moodiness with a mindless B movie. This happens to be my favorite coping mechanism. I watched “Revenge of the Teenaged Zombies.” There are some movies so awful they are good and then there are those that are just awful like the second one I started watching, “Werewolf in a Girl’s Dormitory.”

I also managed to catch up on some billing and other work while doing the B movie thing which was great because that always makes me anxious to know I am behind.

The following is just a quick list of all the big and little things I have been thankful for at some point today : Easter baskets, spring flowers, being able to assemble my new grill, good texting and blogging and IRL friends, mushrooms and green beans in garlic sauce, Being able to afford my mortgage, my copier and realizing I needed new copies of my billing form before I accidentally used the last one, my fence guy who came by yesterday unexpectedly to set all the posts for the doggies new fence because he couldn’t do it as planned the day before, my brother went to see my Mom who has not seen him other than from her balcony since March of 2020 (thank you covid but no thanks), that the rest of my family will soon be vaccinated and able to see her in person as well. That I have at least been able to see her regularly, although at times it’s a challenge. Have I mentioned Jack and Joulie…. cuz y’know…. Jack and Joulie.


8 thoughts on “TTOT

  1. The parts of your list that i can read make me smile. Some of your pictures are right over some of your text, so i can’t speak to those parts. (Side note, i cannot stand when the blog host changes everything up and makes such mistakes possible!)


    1. Wow. It doesnt look that way here thanks for letting me know. I have to say I find the site a drag to use now with all the changes! I suspect its the werewolf picture?


  2. I always enjoy looking at the doggie pics. Makes me think of my miniature poodle who gave my family so much joy for ten years.
    We all have the right to be moody from time to time. Human we are. Have a good day.


  3. In my opinion, it’s a good day if we can start out on a low point and gradually move on to better things and a brighter outlook. All too often it tends to go the other way. It sounds like you were indeed able to count some pretty neat blessings, and all in just one day yet! Proof once again, that there is always, always something to be thankful for! 😊❤️


  4. Green beans with mushrooms and garlic sauce? I’m intrigued! I love oatmeal raisin cookies, especially since I am able to convince myself that they are SOOOO healthy. Spring flowers and fences and copiers and being able to pay the mortgage and all the other wonderful thankfuls = yay! And Jack and Joulie. The best


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