Get It In Gear!

Me: (Swinging the door wide open, the light from the hallway floods my 16 year old’s darkened room.)

Him: No, It’s only 6:54! I still have 6 seconds!

Me: Look, get it in gear, I gotta get movin’. Don’t make me do it.


This was a Six Second Story. Go link up at GirlieontheEdge.


13 thoughts on “Get It In Gear!

  1. Ha! Sounds like me in the morning as squinting eyes search for the numbers on the clock, trying to make the hands move backwards 🙂 Good to see you round these parts, zoe. I’ve got lot to catch up on, don’t I?!


  2. … ok, I will type this Comment, seein how all my pens and pencils have been put to use in a vain attempt to stab the ear worm to death… the hard and painful way
    Fun Six, yo

    Life in the Technicolor Era looks awfully cheerful and bon homme-centric
    Donald O’Connor!! The man who came this close to being a headliner….


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