Living Under Quarantine at the TTOT


  • 29 days in quarantine but who’s counting?
  • My dog acted like I walked to Everest and back after I went to put out the garbage without her. I think she’s getting  separation anxiety no?
  • I didn’t  make my bed for the first time ever….no kidding…I think it was almost ever….it was liberating.
  • I think my mother has become addicted to Amazon now that we can’t  go see her.
  • The people who occupy the other two  apartments at my house are living their lives like there is no such thing as covid-19.

Okay, so now that I got that off my chest, on to the TTOT.

There is much for which I am grateful

  • Joulie goes without saying….although I just did
  • Started a guest post on Carrot to rave reviews…thank you Ryan. Go check it out! And if you want to guest post let me know!
  • It’s  Easter and although  we can’t  all be together, we live in a time where it is at least possible  to  connect not to mention  actually see each other and spend time together.

    Easter 1967
  • I have been ill and a good friend and herbalist (see ryan above) has been distance and tele-nursing me back to health…thanks again Ryan.
  • I did get tested for covid 19….no results yet but I am grateful  that the experience  was as positive  as  it could be when someone sticks a Q tip into your brain via your sinuses. I was saying that I think they probably  damaged the part that does long division. I’m  sticking with that excuse.
  • All those people working with family and healthcare…thank you. Thank you
  • Grocery delivery.  Thank you.
  • The staff at my mother’s assisted living facility have been amazing.
  • Her aid is now one of my all time favorite people. Love her!
  • That my mother who is known for her dangerous stubbornness,  has managed to remain on her feet. I pray every day that she stays that way because she is her own worst enemy.
  • Texting with friends  has always been an asset  to me  but even more so now. Thanks everyone!
  • Friends who are willing to participate in my texting photo bombs.

*This one was put your pants on your head

*This was how are you spending quarantine

*What are you grateful about? Link up with Kristi at Thankful Me and share the wealth!



The Call Went Out…

I texted.

Ok…remember when I asked you to put pants on your head?

Well in the same spirit, I’m asking that you stop and text me a pic of where or how you are spending quarantine….I will share some on my blog….thanks! Lyd

You responded.

*Arts and crafts, *gardening,  *opening an online site (, * rug hooking, *fine dining at home

*new puppy, *watching eaglets hatch,*rearrange to accommodate a friend,*self help, *pottery or any other passion

*sewing facemasks, *learning sustainability, *prepping to paint, *hanging out in the garden, *getting outdoors

*hanging  with the grandkids

*puzzles, *doctoring (thanks you guys), *baking, *quilting

*working from home *happy birthday, *quilting, *staying in touch, *painting birthday presents

*What have you been up to?

A Random TTOT

Welcome to random thinking with zoe.
20200402_195601The Baked Potato Song is still running rampant in my head. I have this horrible thing where music never leaves. Consequently, I listen to music rather infrequently; maybe a couple times every few months if I am being generous. It all started when I joined Twitter  after seeing that Matt Lucas had a daily vlog. I love Matt Lucas and having been in quarantine for 17 days, I was vulnerable. I let my guard down. It was only a moment and then there was no going back. My real failing will be if I join the ranks of the FB. I suspect like true revolution, (which is typically 9 missed meals away for most populations) it would take an awful lot for me to succumb to the ways of Mr. Zuckerberg. But then again it didn’t take much for the blue bird of misery to chirp at my door… So I’m not gonna get cocky.

I gave Joulie a bath today and she slept so long and hard that I was able to move about the house without my usual K9 appendage. I may have to do that every day. I went back twice to make sure she was still breathing. She was.20200404_103207

I have been writing over at Carrot again. I’ve been including some things about motivation and anxiety management as well as ways to stay busy during this necessary down time. I was  thinking about having a quarantine photo challenge. I would perhaps pick a cue for the day and people would just link in their entry for the day. Or maybe a quarantine contest of some sort…. just thinking… would anyone be interested?

Has the word surreal been absent from peoples vocabularies this week? It’s as if people just don’t  even want to acknowledge how truly bizzare our shared covid 19 experience has become. It is surreal right? but no one is saying that….

I have to say I am worried about family and friends, especially those who are vulnerable and those who are working in healthcare. I remember when I worked in hospitals, thinking that it was always job security to be in healthcare; and it is. It’s also really crummy on holidays and times like this. I no longer work in a hospital setting and I am truly worried for those who do. I said in another post that we had times when we were dealing with what was considered a disaster, however our lives were never at stake just our levels of fatigue over the next 48 hours. This is a whole different bag. I can’t thank these people enough. Like others, you may want to send a gift certificate for groceries or call in a no contact delivery for the family of a healthcare worker who can’t get home to make meals this week, or just get the kids together and make a thank you card for someone. I know many people who are just not going home for fear of contaminating their families.

I have been trying to think about what I am willing to do to protect our way of life, not from disease, but from mismanagement and corruption. I fear the time may come when we will have to do something and I don’t know what that could possibly be. It worries me.   ***See, “It Can’t Happen Here” by Sinclair Lewis.’


I’m  grateful for so much as well.
1. That people have been calling and texting about Carrot
2. Joulie. I don’t know if I would be doing as well with quarantine and other associated stressors without that girl.
3. Joulie  gives me a reason to go out and walk every day, and it’s important to have something or someone to take care of. If I were isolated and living completely alone I dont think I would be doing as well.
4. Even though it is stuck in my head, I do like Matt Lucas . He just seems like a genuinely nice man with an incredible case of alopecia.
5. I’m  grateful I have a job  I can  do from home.
6. I’m  grateful for the efforts of everyone keeping my mother’s assisted living community infection free. They are in lockdown quarantine with no visitors. While it’s really difficult because she hasn’t been there that long and she has a history of falls, I am soooooooooo grateful for the aid that we have employed to be with her throughout the days and the other staff that deliver meals and mail during this quarantine.
7. My sibs. I am grateful for them. We have managed to pull together to keep mom afloat and have had a running group text since this quarantine began. I have heard from just about all of them that they are all grateful to feel closer to each other since this started.
8. Have I mentioned Joulie? She is possibly the smartest dog I have ever had. There was a time when I had to childproof the kitchen until I could train her that it wasnt cool to be opening the cupboards on her own. Last week she started barking during a client session so I left the room and closed the bedroom door behind me. She could continue barking and I could continue to work. Turns out she has just been holding back all this time (like the good girl she is) because after she finished barking she opened the bedroom door and came strolling in to sit beside me.
9. Adaptability of the average person. We all have to adapt but I look at some of my friends and family and am really proud of them for all that they have changed in order to meet their lives head on.
10. Have I mentioned Joulie?PicsArt_03-13-12.55.17

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“Wash your hands and stay indoors.”

Thank you baked potato.

“Only go to grocery stores.”

Thank you baked potato.

If you want to have a better day,

you must listen to what the baked potato say.

This earworm is driving me insane.

Check it out if you dare.



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