L- Lucky is a Synonym for Random?

Today we continue with random  blog posts .

Being a dog in the right household, might be a pretty good existence. I would NEVER want to try being a dog in the wrong household .

For the past week my house seems to be in some sort of weird Wi-Fi black hole. Every time I try to turn something on, download something, God forbid something even more complicated than that, the screen goes black and I lose whatever I’m working on. Last night I was watching a documentary on Amazon Prime and it just shut down in the middle of it and I couldn’t get it back up. I couldn’t get this blog entry in so my random thoughts now at 5:30 in the morning are clearly different than they were last night when I would normally be doing this…Not that they’re profound either way… just different.

Yesterday,  I uttered four words that I thought I may never say again: “THIS rug looks good.” This was either my 4th or 5th attempt at putting a rug in my office. Conclusion- there are a lot of hideous rugs out there.

Yesterday I was thinking that I have a serious top 10 list for both things that I find frustrating and appalling, and some of the best things we have the privilege of even thinking about. Here’s my top 5 on both:

  1. 1. Watching people you love go through serious pain and suffering
  2. Intoxicated drivers-grrrr
  3. Arrogance to the point of ignorance
  4. Hate
  5. Greed

Okay now for the good stuff:

  1. True kindness and generosity
  2. Dogs
  3. The beach especially at night Under the Stars, or even better out on the water at night
  4. Innocent love and not so innocent love
  5. Learning

I’m not sure those are the right order for any of those things but they all rank somehow on my list…

Question of the day… What’s at the top of your list?




Random blogging from A to Z

You know those Walking Dead shows? What would be the point of being one of the people that survived the virus without becoming a zombie? Why would you even want to survive? I wouldn’t want to become a zombie, but I wouldn’t want to live either. I mean what’s the point? My suspicion is I would do myself in before anything had a chance to infect me.

My cable service has recently been upgraded, not because I wanted it to, it’s just happeed naturally with the company making some sort of change to our system. Happily though, I get BBC America now. I’ve been spending more time watching Doctor Who,  but unfortunately they seem to have stopped playing it this week! I’m so disappointed! I don’t really watch TV all that much because I don’t really find it all that interesting. When I do find something I like, it would be nice if it was consistent. To be honest, I’ve never even seen one of those zombie shows, I’ve only seen the commercials.

I have been watching a little more television this week but if anything, it’s driving home why I don’t watch much TV. There are a lot of freaky shows on television. A lot of people getting murdered and maimed, a lot of dangerous psychopaths, and sadly those are not all fiction. Thank God for SpongeBob or I would feel like one of those people in The Walking Dead.

One of my best experiences was on a beach late night staring up at the stars. I want to do that again.

I also once had the Good Fortune to be the caretaker to a really wonderful camel. I would not object to doing that again either, or maybe a llama, or an alpaca would be acceptable. Maybe even an ostrich, although they are a lot more ornery as I recall.

A friend sent me a recipe for chocolate hummus today. Here it is if you’re interested: chocolate hummus.

I have had an ongoing issue with the rug in my office. The one that is  currently on the floor wall to wall is a hideous green color and worn out in spots. The landlord refuses to replace it. I bought a carpet to go over it. I apparently have problems with carpets because I can’t seem to find one I like. I really liked the first one I had, but it lost its shape and unraveled within the first 6 months, so I returned it and got my money back. Since then I’ve had four different carpets in there …all of which I’ve returned.  I finally got one just like the first one, because once again I hate the carpet that’s in there. I bought it at a different store this time so hopefully it’ll last. I’ll let you know in a couple of months. I’m going to put it in tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.




Continuing to blog randomly for the A to Z:

Taxes have got me all muddled up… and by muddled up, I mean depressed and in debt.

I really want to take a pottery class.

I really want to clean out my sort of art area that I have at my house because it seems to be taking over my kitchen, and I’m feeling a little claustrophobic about it. I’ve been trying to get a grip on this area for a little while now but I just don’t seem to be having much success.

I’ve been watching home improvement shows lately. Have you ever heard the term “pony wall”? I have never heard of it before, but apparently it’s a little half wall that doesn’t really support anything structurally in the house.

I find that I’m in a particularly bad mood tonight. I’m finding people frustrating.  I have very little tolerance for bad behavior on a regular basis, but I can sometimes understand if there’s reasons behind it, but when I’m in this kind of mood, I have NO tolerance for it.

I moved my office into a new building about a year ago because it was handicap accessible. Not only do I have clients that need that accessibility, but I have some problems with my right leg. Climbing stairs is not the easiest thing for me. Up and down the really steep stairs in my old office was very difficult. This Thursday I have jury duty. I just looked up where it’s held. It’s the Grand Jury in the main courthouse in town. It turns out the main Courthouse, the most essential Courthouse, the biggest Courthouse, the PRIMARY Courthouse in this town is NOT handicap accessible. How is that possible? When I look at the photos of the building it has marble stairs all the way up the front of it, and it looks like there’s maybe about 20 of them. Then it turns out that court is held upstairs. I ask you again…how is this possible? Is that ridiculous or is it me?

In this mood it could very well be me.PicsArt_06-15-08.41.12

I- Indiscriminately Random

The randomness continues.

I work as a psychotherapist. I could be wrong but my job seems fairly cyclical. It seems like if one person is going down, you can count on a whole mess of your caseload going down. I don’t know what it is, but if I send one person to the hospital I can pretty much guarantee you all week I will be getting calls from people who need to be hospitalized. Some people say it’s the moon, I just say it’s weird Juju. It’s odd because these people certainly don’t know each other and most often the call comes before they’ve even met up with me for the week so I know it’s not my influence. But it seems to be a pattern of some sort that I just haven’t figured out yet.

Have you done your taxes yet? Mine are almost done.

Why does my dog insist on barking at me? Google says she could be frustrated, it says she may not be getting enough attention. It also says she may be bored or need more stimulation. Now this is a dog that gets out with me for at least 3 walks per day, and has a dog walker come in at noon. She has baskets of toys and there’s an expectation of at least an hour’s worth of tug-of-war in the evening. As much as I would like it, I don’t think I’m going to get 5 minutes to myself for at least another 6 years. I don’t think she’s bored. I don’t think she’s frustrated. I think she spoiled. And I think I’m an idiot.20180114_145357

Last night when I was discussing the possibility of starting a blog with a friend of mine, I realized I have had way too many blogs! Between the ones that are now shut down, and the active one, I think there are seven.

You know, just because science can do something doesn’t mean they should. Some things should just be left alone, take for instance the idea of cheese fermented from the bacteria of your belly button. For real.



For the A to Z this year I’ve been blogging at random.

These are some of the inane things keeping my head preoccupied:

Have you seen those movies, or more recently that commercial, in which a meteor is racing toward the Earth and will most likely end life as we know it? Everyone seems to be rushing around packing up their cars in order to evacuate? Where the hell do they think they’re going? Can you outrun a meteor, (I mean something large enough to end life as we know it)?

I had to look up the word ignominious today. I was kind of surprised to realize I didn’t know what it meant. I mean I’ve heard it a million times I guess I just didn’t know the actual meaning. You get little comeuppances like that throughout your life don’t you? Can you remember the last one you got?

Today I was at my mother’s house. I mentioned to the people there that my mother’s ottoman was missing from the room. People who hadn’t been in my mother’s home in years informed me that the ottoman has been gone for at least that amount of time. Where the hell have I been? I go to my mother’s every week. Recently my sister tried to convince me that menopause makes you stupid. She may be right, although I’d like to think it just makes me selectively blind or somehow unobservant.

Remember how the other day I mentioned that someone told me how they folded fitted sheets? In addition to  feeling I had wasted 10 minutes of my life , I thought “I need to talk to more interesting people.” I think I inadvertently became one of those people today when I mentioned that someone actually felt compelled to tell me about how they folded fitted sheets. I accidentally kicked off an entire conversation on the topic. If I ever even hear the term “fitted sheets” again it will be too soon.

A friend and I are thinking of starting a new blog. Any theme ideas? And let me beat you to the punch, Wise Guys, nothing about laundry or fitted sheets!

G- Good God There’s no “G” Words for “Random”?


Random thoughts today…

I fell asleep in the middle of doing this last night and now the dog is awake. This will only last so long before she is standing on my chest trying to lick my face and declaring we are up for the day. I’m tempting the Fates by even dictating this in a whispered voice. Having a dog is a bit like trying to hide from the maniacal killer in a horror movie… eventually they find you out and before you even know it they’re standing behind you demanding your full attention in one way or another. Don’t get me wrong, I love my dog, but I would love 5 minutes to myself within the next 10 years.

For the second time in my life someone found it necessary to explain to me how they fold fitted sheets. I need to talk to more interesting people.

I got seriously great news yesterday. I thought in my typical fickle fashion that it might have worn off today, but it hasn’t! I didn’t realize how much relief I needed from the cycle I have been in. I knew I was in a funk but I didn’t realize how deep until I started to crawl out. I still have some climbing to do but it’s far less steep now.

Oh no the psychopathic killer has just woken up and is breathing down my neck quite literally. Translate, the dog is standing on my head. Talk to you later.PicsArt_04-07-04.48.42

I found the last time someone talked to me about the fitted sheets and decided to do a repost here:


Someone told me how to fold fitted sheets today…

I can never get those ten minutes back.


I’ve always had an issue with people feeling almost too comfortable with me. I’m not sure why.

This happened when I was a Physical Therapist:

“Mr. Kenney, why is it that Beth tells me you always say you’re feeling great when you talk to her, but when I ask how you’re doing you always say you’re in pain and feel awful?”

“Well, She’s such a cute little thing, I wouldn’t want to hurt her feelings!”

It’s always been that way.


Do you suppose that people of every century felt like  society was going to hell in a handbasket? The world-wide rise of anti-intellectuallism has me worried. We are headed for deep shit, and I suspect most wouldn’t even know a handbasket if given one.


Me to man screaming on corner at 7 AM this morning: ” So what’s up? You okay?”

” Yeah, just felt like yelling.” (He wasn’t yelling anything in particular just bellowing very loudly)

” It’s a little nerve-wracking, but if you need help…”

” Nope.”

” Can I buy you a coffee? ”

” I’m good.”

” Okay, see ya.”

“Have a good day!”

” You too!”


Is it because of the plethora of psych services offered in this town that it seems to be overrun with people in need of them? Chicken or the egg, people? Chicken or the egg?


My sister has been wanting my mother to move to assisted living. She has been talking about it for some time, as families often do with no actual movement toward the intended goal.

Two years ago my mother said she was going to elder housing to put her name on the waiting list. She never did. My sister offered to take her – no wait- my sister said she would take her but never did, which is fine, because my mother never had any intention of signing up anyway.

My stance on the whole thing is, it’s not my life and my siblings have no idea who my mother is, or that she will not be moving any time soon. There are plenty of 90 year olds who have stairs in their homes. She is totally competent, if not stubborn. I will be heartbroken, but if she dies falling down the stairs, so be it. Please don’t involve me in silly things, because if Mom is going to talk to anyone about stupid shit, its me. And I don’t need any more stupid shit.

Well I guess my sister FINALLY approached my mother with the idea because yesterday my mother said to me, ” Your sister wants me to move into elder housing. Do you have anything to do with this? I’m not moving again. I have been where I am for thirty years and the next time I move they’ll be taking me out in a box!”

” I hear they take you out on a stretcher. I mean , why transport the box right? That’s gotta be heavy.”

” Either way feet first! And don’t be such a smart ass.”


F-Fickle…Another Random Approach


oh, the fickle fiends…

How about autocorrect? Do you know a single person ,whether they rely upon it or not, that hasn’t been burned?

IMG_3895Oh Sleep thy name is fickle. I would just love to have one night of straight through 8 hours of sleep. I’d love to have 6 hours of sleep straight through, hell I would take four.

Around this time of the year, I get exceedingly fickle about the weather. I’m tired of this:

and we’re expecting more this weekend. I find it incredibly beautiful but again feeling quite fickle about looking at more of it for much longer.

My little dog. love her to death…wanna go crazy the next time she thinks that she can eviscerate a Rottweiler, or when she starts barking at 3 a.m. because a car drove by.PicsArt_04-05-11.30.49.png