First the down and dirty, match-up TToT.

  1. Walking the doggy in my PJs
  2. The SSS and people’s continued patience with my minimal participation…. I’m trying to change that, promise!
  3. Anniversaries.  Skip died a year ago this week. Two weeks later a shelter from my home town called because they had a 7 year old application saying I was looking for an elderly poodle. I had seen Joulie on their website and a new era was launched.
  4. Good friends…they walk my dog when I work late, they save incredible things from their tag sale just cuz they think I may like it.
  5. I have this week off. I sooo want to catch up my life. I feel very behind.
  6. My Mom was feeling better yesterday. She’s  been feeling pretty crummy…she assures me that approaching 90 is like that.
  8. I was feeling lousy and no one could figure it out, so with docs permission decided to take a med holiday. Just a week… but after 5 really miserable days, I feel so much better. I woke up with minimal discomfort despite a poodle standing on my chest.
  9. Have I mentioned  the poodle?
  10. In honor of Skip and his somewhat synonymous name, the SSS  cue of the week is SKIP.unnamed-11-e1462409384457

Now for the matchup…. naw… just a bunch of doggy pictures in honor of both anniversaries.


TToT & Thank You, Val!

I am currently lying on my Mom’s  couch watching Ina Garten make tomatoes and gruyere into culinary heaven.

On this Father’s Day, I’m thankful for my elderly Mom. She is getting on in years, but she’s still concerned enough to make blankets for the homeless who find themselves in need come winter. She’s telling me a story of how she prayed to the Virgin Mary when she delivered each of her children. She says it went something like this: ” Hail MARY, full of GRACE!!!”

I’m also grateful for my girl Joulie. She’s learned a lot this year. I’m taking an inventory and realize she was living in quite a neglected state. This year she’s  been house trained, learned to sit, stay, and is learning to use a ramp. She’s  still working on not barking at every noise. Yesterday she hung out in my housemate Nick’s apartment and behaved! She’s  also up to normal weight.


I’m  always grateful for where I live20170616_104958

I’ve since left this post and am now returning to it. Ran a few errands and am still at Mom’s house.  I’m happy that I was able to straighten out my house some last night. Also that accupuncture helped with back pain. I’m  always so grateful  for relief and the ability to walk. It’s  an amazing thing when you think about it….walking and our ability to be independently  moving and self sustaining….in most cases anyway…can you tell I came in on a documentary  of spiritualism and Buddhism?


Art is awesome and Im grateful for gifts of art. The mask is a gift from Puerto Rico and my niece drew the rose with colored pencil on vellum.

And the art of nature…


Yep…that’s Spock.

Lastly,  Thanks Val for this week’s cue word for Six Sentence Stories…



See you Thursday!