RANDOM, Random, random…TToT

  • I just love this kid. She is as Clark and Denise say a Scott…and I just love her!
  • LOVE these guys too: Tyrion and Walter, Jewell, and Lucy (new puppy! 9wks old)
  • pinger_1663193862
  •  My new mantra, just for today… feeling a bit edgy. I’m just getting over a respiratory prob so I’m gonna blame the crank on antibiotics, and not my natural affinity to be a crank.
  • There was a chance of snow after midnight. Dodged THAT bullet!
My Joulie screensaver works perfectly!
  • A home of painted houses, sorbet from the vitamix, and a gravel (heart) driveway
  • LONG talks and walks with Joulie
  • The girls of course… repotted all my office plants, took a break for stretching on my yoga mat and off to acupuncture…


TToT and SSS Cue of the Week

Ten Things of Thankful

Let’s  do a mix and match pictorial shall we?  Match the grat with the appropriate  pic.

  1. JOULIE!  The circus dog…two legged freak show!
  2. Vitamix!
  3. It finally stopped snowing!
  4. Meditative peace of mind
  5. Soon there will be flowers
  6. My friends who beautify everywhere around the grounds
  7. Bro John is coming for dinner
  8. Loyalty to the SSS  despite my recent absence
  9. Thank you Chinese medicine
  10. Thank you western medicine

unnamed-11-e1462409384457The SIX SENTENCE STORY cue of the week is CHICKEN!

So write a masterpiece of 6 sentences, any genre using the cue any way you like. Come back on Thursday and link it up!

Have a great week!

TToT, SSS and 23 Other Letters of the Alphabet

TToT down and dirty:

  • Oh the brilliant Josie! THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
  • Oh the dopey Joulie.IMG_20170401_094720423
  • Oh I can be such a dope
  • Friends. Thank you, friends
  • Finally writing this weekend
  • Caught a mess of worms before they died on the sidewalk….back to the soil while crooning a verse of “Born Free.”
  • Funny books. Anything by Mary Roach

SSS: Cue of the week is WELL. COME BACK THURSDAY! unnamed-11-e1462409384457

Have a great day!