TToT Totally Late Night Version

Ten Things of ThankfulI just woke up thinking Darth Vader was in my bedroom. Turned out I was wheezing so loudly I woke myself up. Yeah, I got the flu… But….and there’s always a but…I took these Chinese herbs for the past two days and it’s killed the fevers and chills, allowed me some sleep, and loosened the chest congestion so that I actually sound a bit like Darth under water. Doesn’t sound great but I feel better.

My Mom turned 87 yesterday. We had a party. SURPRISE!! Everyone kinda whispered it when she came in because they didn’t want to scare her half to death.

I hear via a communication through our new hostess with the mostest Josie, and our old most likely to be mistaken for an English teacher Clark, that the Secret Book of Rules may be making a comeback…to that end may I include this post with a cursory explanation.

The new office is getting decked out with technology today. I’m grateful to be able to say “the new office.”

My buddy who had big lung surgery a few weeks back got great news. Cancer-free…only 5℅ of people have such results… bummer for the 95℅, but yahoo for 5!!! Let’s pray for the 95, and that the 5 get to enjoy their good fortune for a good long time!

Its 2:30AM so Im gonna cut this short. However, I can’t leave without Joulie on the list…she loved the party. She got passed around like an infant at a christening…life of the party…play hard, crash hard. Have a great week!



Dear Zoe,

I just want to take a second to explain a few things. I know I had huge (proverbial) shoes to fill when Skip went home; I mean, he was patience personified (again proverbial), didn’t get into a ton of trouble, hardly ever barked like a lunatic, and he was even literate! Well, okay, so am I and I’ve been holding out on letting you in on that one because I’m a busy girl. I want you to know that when I paw at your head once or twice in the middle of the night that I appreciate you rubbing my belly and lulling me back to sleep . When I insist on sitting on your chest with my butt so close to your face that my stubby little tail wacks you in the nose, I also appreciate the back rubs. I know I want to play constantly but like I said I really am a busy girl. You should also know I’m a really happy one.

Love, Joulie



This weeks cue is SECOND

SIX SENTENCES: no more, no less; any genre; use the cue; come back at 12:01 AM and link up. The link is open all week… lastly say a little prayer (preferably in six sentences) that the host writes something for her own hop this week….

Thanks everyone! Have fun…see you here tomorrow!


download (6)So the Six Sentence Cue of the Week is  SECOND. Use the cue any way you like, any genre, and come back on Thursday to link it up… but just make sure you have six and only six sentences to whatever story you decide to post!

Then of course is the TToT:  This one is gonna be a quickie by the numbers… but there are certain things I just know it would behoove me to do… even if it has to be quickly. I have a lot of work to do tonight, but I told myself I would take time for important stuff and really how long does it take to count to ten? SO … Count with me! 

  1. My new office kicked off last week. It was reasonable. It is gonna take some getting used to a new rhythm, but it’s gonna work out just fine eventually.16143114_1717908028521653_8495274699636296181_n
  2. I had to return the rug from the office because it was shedding more than my dog. I couldn’t even wear black to the office. I was covered in rug schmutz… I’m a big girl, I wear a lot of black…I’m thankful that the store was reasonable even though I used the rug for a week.
  3. JOULIE! img_20170210_161154846
  4. She is so joyous! She is always wanting to play and hang out. That can be exhausting, but mostly a pretty cool thing.
  5. Internet contacts… you guys are the best. I can just sign in to IM and there you are. It can be the middle of the night and some insomniac blogger is awake. It can be mid morning and something is beeping in on my phone. It’s nice to be connected.
  6. I’ve recently turned into a Dr. Who fan. I think I may have to apologize to Lizzi for once maligning the series. Lizzi, I am sorry… I was SOOOOO wrong!
  7. My new friends… indispensible for part of my journey through my recent health issues and some of my unsticking goals… gotta do an update at some point.
  8. My old friends…coming to my aid constantly. Who do you know that doesn’t even have to ask for help moving out two offices worth of books and furniture? I KNOW!
  9. A dear friend got through some tough surgery and had to go back in for another quite unexpectedly. Went to see her and hub today. She is recovering… back home…sounds and looks so much stronger… was willing to eat what I made for dinner.
  10. Tomorrow is my last day with some of my clients at my group practice. Some are people I have seen for a long time now, and I am going to miss them. I thank the universe, God and everybody for letting me cross paths with these people. I will miss them. My last day there is next Monday.

See, 1-10 pretty quick! Have a great week!

Ten Things of Thankful