TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

I have a full day tomorrow and I just don’t see myself getting to the blog. It has taken a back seat for far too long. Don’t misunderstand however, it’s not likely to change any time soon. So, here I am doing this a bit sooner than usual and a bit later than I used to.

I’m still grateful I changed my job up and went to private practice in order to work for myself. It’s just difficult at times when you’re out there by yourself. Even on it’s worst day, it’s still better than a decent day working for someone else.

picsart_07-24-03-34-06Next Thursday, marks the day I invited my friend Joulie to be my favorite K9. It’s been a year since her predecessor, Skip passed on to another realm and the shelter called to ask if I had room for an older girl who was in need of a home. The photo on the left is the one I posted that day. It’s been bastardized into many more bad jokes, but none the less…that’s it. Joulie came with very little training. She wasn’t house trained, she didn’t know how to walk on a leash and she’s certainly not off-leash material, her teeth were a mess and at 8 years old she hadn’t been spayed. The biggest challenge was that she pretty much spent most of her time walking on two legs (which turned out to be very stressful for her hips and back) and could open the cupboards. After some childproofing, we pretty much got all of that stuff resolved. She has learned much over the past year and if it weren’t for the barking we would be a perfect pair. She has this barking thing that drives me ape but we are working on it. She is also still working on walking up a ramp which turns out not to be all that easy for dogs.

20170721_131135I’m grateful for a host of things. Thanks to Erin Fangboner for introducing me to . It has proven to be a nice reprive in the day when I need to kick back for a minute or two. I have placed them in piles in the cafe at work where they disappear pretty quickly.  I’m glad because I would stop making them if I thought they weren’t being taken and they really do help me relax in little fits and spurts.

My avocado plant is growing! As is the vine crawling up the beam to the ceiling of the my office building.

I went to a “Sip and Paint” at the local high school with some friends.  It was to 20170719_191714benefit a scholorship fund in memory of one of the teachers who died of breast cancer.

I’m grateful for friends and people who “get” me.

I’m grateful for friends who ask me to help them because I “get” them.

Tomorrow is a library book sale . It’s a big deal in town. I am looking forward to it. I haven’t been to it in a few years.

I’m also outlining a book proposal with a friend tomorrow. Should be fun? I dunno really…

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Ok. I guess there are tons more but, I am going to move on to… (drumroll please),  the




Good Morning, Time for a Bit of Random

I haven’t written on my blog in some time. I just haven’t had the time and when I do (because we all know that’s a convenient line… I mean c’mon, I have time to do other stuff or literally no stuff at all… It just isn’t organized in such a way as to access it regularly… ) so basically I haven’t had the inclination to write in some time.

I have been doing these fun little rocks whenever I have a spare minute… usually when I am waiting on dinner or some step in another project to complete. So it’s really only been five or ten minute investments here and there which is perfect for me. 20170717_211954.jpg

Those of you who work by appointment… Do you ever find that one week everyone is gonna cancel. I mean between yesterday and today five people have cancelled. FIVE! Cancellations hardly ever happen, but when they do they happen all at once. Drives me crazy!

A few weeks ago, I consulted an animal communicator (psychic) about Joulie and her barking. Yeah, I admit it out here to God and everyone… I had used this woman before with other animals and it went really well. This went well too however she did point out that Joulie the Pirate Princess is pretty stinkin’ stubborn and boy she is not wrong. But just so you don’t think I’m totally wack, let me just say that this woman identified Joulie’s multiple skeletal deformities BEFORE I told her anything about her. I just had to confirm that she was correct. She also knew who Joulie was living with in foster care and then the shelter BEFORE I told her. She found these out through “talking” to Joulie. I would recommend her to anyone… I know it sounds off but it has helped more than once and several friends have said the same thing. Here’s her site if you want to check it out or don’t want the criticism that may come with admitting the use of such a service.

Peanut butter. Let me just say a few random thoughts about peanut butter. Food of the gods. Food of the dogs. Great with raisins, or apples. I am a bit of a purist and do not like peanut butter candy, cookies or ice cream. I mention peanut butter because lately it is all my silly gastric system can handle… and I’m okay with it. Did I mention I love peanut butter? So does Joulie.

A good friend died of a rare and freaky disease this week. It’s one of those diseases where you have a better chance of winning the lottery than getting that, but God forbid you get it. It’s deadly. I’m kind of freaked out about it. He was such a lovely guy. It’s so odd to think of him going that way.

Do you ever think about how you want to go? I figure if there is going to be a holocaust level war that (selfish I know) I want the first bomb to land in my back yard. I don’t want to see the rest. I also don’t want to get eaten by anything like a grizzly or a shark or a Yetti or something. Ever play this game? Would you rather be tickled to death or accidentally step into a 400 ft deep pit with spikes on the bottom? Morbid I know. That’s what happens when I get freaked out. I have lost lots of people travelling in as many cancer circles as I do, so I don’t know if it’s because I actually AM getting older or what? Maybe it’s cuz the kid that means the world to me is gonna be a dad… it’s weird when the kids grow up. Yes? Well, we are having a girl… pretty excited!

Ok. Hopefully, my next client is gonna show up so I am gonna cut this here. Have a great day and be good to yourself and others!PicsArt_07-15-07.07.29

Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, with your negligent host,

Iveeeeee Walkeeeeeer! *The crowd goes wild* ummmm….no.

Well anyway….I’m improving. Never let it be said I do not languish in the shallow pools of self aggrandizement!!! I mean take credit for small changes, yes? If you don’t,  larger changes are likely to seem unreachable.unnamed-11-e1462409384457



TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

Ah gratitude…

  1. I do love a good wildlife cam. There are some great ones out there. When the day has me lying low it’s nice to vicariously travel for a bit of fishing or just sitting in the sun.

    2. Then there is the wild dog that lives in my home. Fancies herself a pirate she does… argh!

    3. I’m returning to work tomorrow after a week off. Granted, I was in the office for a good part of that, but I wasn’t seeing clients and it was a much slower pace. It was a nice week. During a week in which I don’t go away, I may find myself pining for work (sick I know), but not this week. I really needed the time off.

    4. I know it’s not huge or anything but I am not a plant person and the fact that my plants are doing so well is a point of fun and pride.

    20170602_112834I only keep plants in the office because I just neglect them otherwise. I figure I must need the distraction at work so I take better care of them. I’ve even re-potted a few… UNHEARD of!

5. I’m happy that Joulie is a good car traveler. Skip never liked the car and at times it’s just easier to take the dog with me so I don’t have to keep thinking about how long I have been gone.

6. Free books. I keep a bin of free books outside my office for anyone to take. It’s a great way to get rid of books I picked up (usually for free), it thins out the clutter, and also people get a little something for nothing which is always a great feeling.

7. I’m always thankful for my friends. I really have to do better keeping in touch with a few of them. Since I left my last job I have a harder time keeping in touch with people because I just don’t see them as much.

8. I started making pieces for Advent Calendars. I know it seems early but when you make so many of them and are often visited by boredom from being so ADD, you’re thankful for the little things. And there are LOTS of little things. So far 186 origami boxes have been made. These are a few from last year.

9. I’m grateful for Joulie. I’m grateful for Joulie. I’m grateful for Joulie… sorry just had to remind myself of that one… she is such a hyper, McBarky pants challenge sometimes. 20170522_145114

10. unnamed-11-e1462409384457LASTLY, the SSS is going well. Thanks to all who participate! AND THE CUE OF THE WEEK IS SCORE!

Yep you heard it… SCORE!

Six sentences, no more, no less. Any genre. Use the cue as you see fit and I will see you on THURSDAY FOR THE LINK UP!