Where in the hell have you been?

Well it hasn’t been here!

A little less than a year ago I dropped off the blogging map. If you remember prior to that I was kind of trying to get my act together on the health front,  on the work front, on the homefront, on the social front, on the I own a little doggie and she’s a maniac front … you know a whole host of things

When I look at my progress over that time,  I think I managed to get things together fairly well. I mean if nothing else, Joulie has stopped threatening to eviscerate anything that walks within five feet of me. Granted that’s her progress not mine, but nonetheless I share in her victories! (For those of you who followed the “great unsticking” a year ago, my walk-in in closet is still a walk-in closet. I’m celebrating my second year in business for myself, and I’ve managed to stay out of the hospital for almost two years.)


I think most people know that I’ve suffered from some pretty significant health issues over the past bunch of years, and one of the things I found that’s really helped this year is committing to a vegan diet. Yeah , I drank the Kool-Aid. And I have to say I’m not one of those people that’s going to tell you that it’s been easy. I mean I was a vegetarian for years before this you would think it would be fairly easy, but I’m not fooling myself, it hasn’t been. I love cheese. Also having been someone who raised my chickens like they were pets, I didn’t feel any guilt eating an egg or two. It turns out , when you rely on a fairly sketchy digestive system, a vegan diet really is your best bet!

Over the next three weeks I’m embarking on an intermittent fasting detox. Oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever bought this many groceries in my life… ironic, when you consider that I’m going to be fasting for a good piece of this 3 weeks. Well anyhow , I’ve decided to come back to blogging because I need to keep track of this. I need to try and log my progress or just how I’m feeling about doing this, and at the risk of appearing pretentious , I figured what the heck, I might as well do it here.

So, feel free to leave me a comment… that would be awesome . I missed all you guys and thought about coming back here many many times , but just never got my act together until now. Joulie and I are celebrating my return by making a detox soup tonight. My victories are her victories as well!




Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, when Denise from Girlie on the Edge puts out a cue word, and everyone stresses themselves into trying to write 6 and only 6 sentences using that word in some fashion.

Head on over there and see what it’s about! It’s fun ! REALLY, no really it is!

24 Hours Notice

Staring at the empty chair across from me I realize once again this is the plight of summer, when people feel free to cancel on short notice with some lame excuse that would never hold water in the icy climes of winter.

As the outdoors start to warm, my own internal temperature begins to cool, as I meet inconsiderate cancellations with a dose of reality.

“I’m sorry, I’ve told you before, I cannot reschedule on such short notice, I understand you’re mandated to be here, but don’t misunderstand- I am not.”

” The nature of our relationship does not dictate that I condone inconsiderate behaviors, including this one.”

” I have previously said you’re allowed to be sick without 24 hours notice, but at least have the decency to lie to me.”

Manners, People.20180628_103941

Rent to Own

It’s time for 6 Sentence Stories. Denise at girly on the edge hosts this querky little blog hop in which a cue word is given and people torture themselves by writing a story related to the word using no more and no less than six sentences. This week’s  cue is  SHED.


Join us to learn how you can finance your future at one of our upscale residences. Imagine yourself conveniently located next to the often unrinsed receptacles of the recycling bins. Enjoy fine dining amongst the tantalizing aromas of rotting produce, and the leftover carcasses of rotisserie chickens. Looking for that special vacation home away from home? For a reasonable price you can purchase a timeshare in any number of abandoned shipping cartons, cardboard boxes, or holiday storage containers. Inquire at Field Mouse Condominiums located in the shed next to the big red barn.





I don’t know if you remember this scene from the Disney film, but I think my dog has something like this setup with the neighborhood mutts in the area. At the very least, she seems to have a thing with the Border Collie named Woody who lives next door.20180521_164843

Have you ever wanted to do something that you know is in your best interest, but specific people who are often trying to tell you what to do with your life are so overly invested in you doing it that you resist just because they want you to do it? I’m in that sort of immature war with myself right now.  I just have to stop it. I hate it when I get like this. I wouldn’t mind so much if these people thought it was their influence that got me to do these things, it’s just the fact that it encourages them to continue to stick their nose into my business where it does not belong.  I can tell them to back off, and I have, but it makes no difference. Typically, I can honestly say most days it doesn’t bother me, but I’ve been kind of soft over the past 6 months and a little more sensitive, and there are certain topics in life that I’m just more sensitive about and this particular thing is one of them.

I really need to find something fun to do today. I feel like I’ve been wasting a lot of time lately. It frustrates me when I waste too much time. I know by some other people’s standards my time doesn’t look wasted, but by mine, seems to be what matters to me. I really should be working, but I don’t think there’s a chance in hell that’s going to happen today.


Maybe it WAS a Dinosaur?

When Julie first arrived, one of my sisters had bought her what I thought was a giant snake. Now that I look at the photo, I see that it had feet, and spines up its back. Perhaps it was a gator, or maybe a dinosaur? Either way she dragged it around the house taking out furniture and anything else that was in its wake. They got really annoying. So of course, not having learned my lesson, after having thrown it out and broken her of it, I bought her a new one on Amazon last week. She seems to love it… And we’re off!

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