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I just remember this as being one of the most depressing groups I ever listened to. That must have been just me though. They had a huge following and lots of hits from the seventies and eighties… mostly seventies???

Well no matter how you decided to use the cue, link it up starting Thursday morning… as long as it’s six sentences, no more, no less. Feel free to use any genre (even depressive 1970’s lyrical)



downloadPlease make me some toast of a bit of brioche, or a pizza of Indian naan.

Maybe a taftan, a nice rye or baguette schmeered with some mustard, on a deep fried croquette.

Perhaps some nut butter with raisins and apples on a nice piece of challah, or you’d prefer maybe scrapple?

You could use some kraut, and some sausage with beer.beer_0_0_0

You could really enjoy it with a slice of paneer.

No matter the filling it don’t really matter as long as there’s bread on my platter to shlather!


The Return of Grace and Aplomb…ahem

OK so maybe I was never graceful, but no one, I say NO ONE can say I was never overly self-confident…wait. What? Well, anyway…

I haven’t written a TToT in some time, y’know like a real one? I think it’s pretty well known I’ve been out of my element physically ( which says a lot as my element is pretty much good old #82Pb (plumbum, lead) from the neck down on most days. (Right there. See that? That is what I remember from years of Chemistry and Physics in high school and college.Oh, and is Oxygen #8?)

afc905bf3d8464baa9dd9b6494e2ee97Anyway, my lack of a TToT is on me. I have had lots to be grateful for it’s just been clouded and I have been a serious crank. Don’t justify it, really C.R.A.N.K. and I’m grateful for every little lift of the cloud.

See what I did there? got #1 in and I still got to complain just a little bit. NICE.

Im gonna make this a quick one and then I want to do an unsticking update some time late when I post the SSS cue of the week which I will place as my second TToT. It has a bit of a following and is really fun to read and host. I am grateful for the notes and kind comments about how much people are enjoying it. I am most grateful that it’s founder Josie of the formerly TWO SHOES came up with the idea and allowed me to bring it back when I missed it so much. Hey, yknow what? I think that makes four!  But, who’s counting?

IMG_20160704_061358713Y’know every week in my TToT I used to be grateful for this little bugger and know that I am still SO grateful for my time with him. He taught me so much about patience and trust. Well , Joulie is here now and after much angst on my part (unfairly as her only sin was she was not Skip), she has definitely earned a place in my heart. So without further ado I don’t know if you know this but I have this little dog named Joulie? I like her a whole lot and am pretty grateful for her patience with me during this recuperation, and with my overall pain-in-the-buttishness. She is a bit stuck in frozen pirate face from a broken jaw she sustained at the hands of some idiot human, she is getting a bit too chubby as I haven’t been able to walk as far with her as we were walking. We are slowly trying to increase my distance, but in the meantime if ya feel like a walk and you’re in the neighborhood…

Today some friends are moving stuff into my new office. There’s a couple grats. I actually had to cancel three of them as I had too many volunteers. There’s a grat. If someone said “Hey, thanks anyway, but y’know how you were gonna help lift heavy furniture on Saturday, while I stood around and watched or limped around and told ya what to do? You don’t need to now.” I would say “YAHOO!” as I was running in the other direction. I had to convince all three NOT to waste their time! There’s a grat. Great friends. I always say that but really…. GREAT FRIENDS! That includes internet friends who have called, texted, IM’d, sent cards and well wishes, came back to a blog that has been empty of most everything except SSS cues for some time…all of you… GREAT FRIENDS! Thank you!

SO I was incapacitated over the holidays, which depending upon how dysfunctional your family is, is not always a negative. I’m not saying anything about mine, but man we get together at Christmas and it’s a madhouse… mostly just because of the numbers. My parents had a lot of kids, who went on and had a lot of kids, who are now old enough to be having kids…that’s a lot of people! And most bring other strays with them… often we are looking at numbering in the thirties and forties. SO a peaceful hospital room… don’t cry for me… I was in touch via skype and had a great time. I mention this because I still have a few Christmas gifts I haven’t broken into. Today I get to open my new set of tools. I got this amazing set of tools for Christmas. I can’t even lift the box! It’s gonna just be fun to see someone else use them to put together some furniture today.

Ok, I gotta go, but have a great day and I will see you soon with an SSS cue… if ya have any suggestions feel free to leave them in comments. I am always looking for a fun cue word. Thanks, Z/I and J

From Where I Stand, Sit,Well ok, …Am Lying Down; Sharing Six Sentences of Randomness

I let a person who is practicing communication with animals  work with Joulie on the fact that I would like her to change her licking habit.  I should have specified that I wanted her to lick me less not more.

Remember “As the World Turns” ? I just had a flash of that for some reason.

Thisimg_20170125_172855357 is what the backside of a toy poodle looks like when she knows exactly the tennis ball (out of seven or more) for which she seeks.

This is what hope looks like.



So, The Great Unsticking Has Begun…But What Are You Doing About It?

Thunnamed-1at question up there is for me. I don’t expect anyone to do anything about my unsticking but me…and maybe Joulie.

Well okay. Maybe not Joulie…

Either way as is my pattern, I work on things and modify, but it also takes me until about March to finally decide on what it is that really needs doing. Like, I know what my needs are for the most part but this process is one of steps and breaking things into their essential parts.(See Unsticking 2015-16 for details)

As of now I have come to a few conclusions based on my vision board of last week and my basic desired direction. unnamed

  •  I am dedicating myself to the pursuit of aligning my body and mind. I believe this is goal #4 from last weeks post. My body has been in a war for years with health issues and after almost thirty years ( I am a very slow learner) I realize I never let my head and my body live under the same set of rules and my head really does rule the roost so my body has both benefited and suffered from it. I am one of the longest survivors with my particular history and at the same time am probably one of the more exhausted ones. Not really, but this year I am finally realizing I can’t keep this pace any longer… so it it going to take a few specific steps (this is where the breaking down of items comes in).
    • I need to change my work habits . This week I am leaving the more difficult of my two jobs and building my private practice. I have given my notice and am going to move on.
    • 16143114_1717908028521653_8495274699636296181_nI rented new office space as I am currently keeping my private practice in a very old building without an elevator. Even I can do the math on that one… big girl + one lame leg + ladderlike stairwell to office =  get a stinkin’ elevator. So I rented new office space. It’s small, but affordable and in a great building where several friends also rent .
    • I’m scared. It’s frightening to go out alone without a net, however I have to realize I have a net. I have a huge support network. I just need to learn to live with anxiety. Not let it envelope me. I don’t believe I will be anxiety free and don’t even believe that’s a reasonable goal so my subgoal is to learn to tolerate my fear.
    • I am doing all of my specific health PT exercise and slowly increasing my endurance and decreasing the pain that pretty much landed me on my butt two months back. With treatment I am able to move enough to exercise. I am not one to forgo exercise for long so this hiatus has been difficult on my body yes… my head… fogettaboutit…

2. In keeping with goal #5 about spirituality it goes without saying much… it’s happening otherwise none of the other stuff would be working out. I also wanted to be part of something larger… My apologies to those who may have voted in our current president, as I want to insult no one…but I find this immigration policy (walls, stopping immigrants from coming in, threats of registries) appauling and want no part of anything, but the movement to put an end to it. I have begun some grass roots efforts with others and am seeking out relieable formats for doing something…what? I am not certain of as yet. I have made my intentions clear to register as Muslim if a registry is put into place, but so far that’s all I can specifically elude to. I am a peaceful person and would belong to nothing that infers or agitates violence… including our national policies.

3. In keeping with goal #6… my buddy Joulie and I had a great day yesterday because I could come home between meetings and lie on the floor and give her some much needed extra attention. She has certainly not been neglected I know but she has been asked to be very patient with me. Today we were able to walk a little farther up the road and yesterday was a great day of belly rubs and fetch.

So yep it’s begun and I’m thankful for it all. I have to clean off the kitchen table and start on old paperwork this weekend. One is in keeping with last years goal of keeping the table manageable ( but after Christmas that seems to be where I both made stuff and planted stuff.) The other goal is in keeping my earlier stated plan of moving on… I have to finish the work that I fell behind on in the past few months of health issues… it’s so odd but I have to stop myself from overdoing to catch up in order to meet my goal of slowing down… the human paradox I suppose…

Have a great weekend and I will keep you updated, and thanks for being interested enough to ask. SSS cue tomorrow.