Vicarious Travel, Limericks, and the TToT

unnamed (9) Friends are travelling this week and I get to travel vicariously through them. I used to travel tons. It was one of my favorite things really. My health has changed a lot of that, but I may need to make an exception in order to keep my sanity.

unnamed (10) This may come as a shock but, I have a dog. I am pretty grateful for his furry little behind.

Ever do that thing where you’re just running in for a minute so you leave the back door open? You gotta be careful, cuz you never know who is gonna wander in…unnamed (14)

I’m also pretty happy with rounding the house to see these blooming… unnamed (12)

and the front looks nice too…unnamed (11) not to mention the garden is starting to come up…unnamed (13) We mulched right after this photo so now it looks like we just have rotting leaves in the garden.

Six Sentence Stories:unnamed (19)I’m having some fun coming up with cues for Six Sentence Stories. I try not to bias myself by thinking up a story line and THEN the cue cuz that wouldn’t be kosher. I do try to think up a word that can be used as both a verb and a noun… a same spelling, different definition kind of thing.

I’m also so grateful that people want to play! I was thankful last week for people even giving it a thought and intention… My friend Candy reminded me of that this week, and I stand on the same ground. The intention may lead to joining in, and that would be extra cool! So be sure to get over to find out the cue on Sundays so you can be thinking… You have until Thursday and technically you have until Saturday A.M. to link up … six sentences , no more, no less… makes it easier to read and write if you ask me!

10805703_10203544544405857_2530611984112784792_n 11146621_10203473228743010_247152239011875730_n

I updated Richard’s photography blog… I really like doing that because there are so many beautiful shots and he is such a good friend. It’s really the least I could do. He sees it differently, but he would.

And if you recall Saturday’s TToT:

I’m trying this thing with the writing
Even though I don’t find it exciting,
But I can only bitch,
To David and Rich,
For so long before
They start biting. 

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TToT: The Superhero Version

What Happened?

When we last left our heroine wonder-woman-migraine-650x380source  she was struggling to maintain her sanity in light of illness, loss, and an insanely unresponsive health insurance system.  She had decided to take some time off in order to enjoy the zen like relaxation that only the soothing rhythmic waves of the ocean could provide. But alas her efforts were thwarted by old man winter. winter-warlock source Undaunted by the attempts of the Fates to disregulate her further, she endured the loss of her front axle and a water pump in her car – a vehicle as old as her best friend Doug, and as fatigued as her own spirit. Finding a reliable mechanic she arranged for the repair of her transport.

Knowing that much of her strength is derived from the support of those around her she put out the word .  They responded in kind…are-you-a-dc-comics-or-marvel-superhero-take-the-test providing her with information about a viable beach within forty miles of her current location. This pristine bit of coastline was untouched by our villain’s icy clutch. 

unnamed (20) unnamed (19) unnamed (25) unnamed (23) cropped-province4.jpg

After a thoroughly enjoyable five hours with no one but her avian friends to share this preternatural find,

unnamed (30)  unnamed (31)  unnamed (29)

She once again took to the road, car intact, roads clear of all but potholes as Winter had not yet relented in his attempts to thwart her. Driving through the local metropolis of Boston, she tuned into an NPR radio call in show. As luck would have it, the Governor of that fine state was their worthy guest. Renewed by her time at the water’s edge, and ever steadfast in her primary goal to secure health insurance, she pulled off to the side of the road. With trembling hands she dialed the given number, securing FRIST place in the que to speak to her adversary (who until this time had not responded to her calls or letters pleading for his assistance.) She knew in order to gain his loyalty to her cause she would have to hit him where it hurts… his pride. She related her story of woe including her inability to secure health insurance since December despite paying every tariff required of her, and then she struck. “… I have contacted both of my state senators, two advocacy agencies and your office Governor, all of which I’m sad to say have not even responded to my inquiries. I’m not only at my wit’s end, but I’m disappointed that the agencies in place to help me feel they can’t, and my elected officials won’t. ” It was then that she was put on hold while the Governor defended himself and asked her to leave her information with the producer.*

Hoping to avoid a massive letter writing campaign in the future, and satisfied that this day she had done all within her power toward the prime directive, she continued on her journey homeward to reunite with her trusty sidekick.

unnamed (3)

What Else Happened?

I don’t have difficulty meeting people. I met and had lunch with a bit of a stoner that I met in a tattoo, vintage, head shop. The next morning I had breakfast with an environmental lawyer I met while he was investigating shoreline erosion. I later went for a walk with a woman who I helped after she got locked in a public restroom at the library… don’t ask.

I had a good time, but Im quite shockworn and need about a month to myself.  I really need to find a way to rejuvenate spiritually. I’m working on it. Suggestions welcome.

* The Governor’s Office called yesterday morning. I will fill you in next week … they are supposed to get back to me.

What Else is Going On?

The girls are getting bigger: unnamed (32)

Doug had a great time with Judi and Mike: 0615021108

unnamed (21)



  • Begin a piece of prose with one of the following sentences:
  1. “I can’t remember the first time I heard of him.”
  2. “But you don’t need to worry about that now; just try and see for yourself.”
  3. “I still can’t look at a toilet without feeling the urge to stick my hand down it.”
  4. “When we look deeply into such things, the blueprint for our actions can be found within the mind.”
  5. “You were thinking something disgusting, don’t lie.”
  • Your entry must be 7 sentences long NOT including the starter sentence.
  • Your entry must be 100 words or less, NOT including the starter sentence.
  • Put your entry into the comments section below.
  • Deadline to enter is April 1, 2015
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TToT & The Return of the Literary Deathmatch

Since Douglas and I have taken up residence here at Uncharted, we lost a few things from the old blog that I just haven’t put enough energy into bringing over or developing on this one. I don’t know, I guess I just lack some motivation. I do miss some things however, and slowly would like to start changing things on the blog to make maneuverability more manageable and make it easier to get out of here to where you’d like to go.

That said, I’m not changing any of that this week . I am however bringing back the contest.

unnamed (10)  unnamed (9)

You remember the contest, right? You remember how Doug loooooooves the contest? You remember how I seem to be the only one that really does like the contest? You remember that it’s always a bit of teeth pulling to get people to participate?

I probably make them too complicated but they have to be interesting enough to hold the attention of my shrink  because he’s the judge and can get a little hypercritical and snarky with substandard challenge.

You’ve heard of the 7x7x7 writing challenge? It’s fun! Promise!


You can hit the link above, below or the one at the top of the home page…

  • There you will find a choice of starter sentences.
  • There you will also find an example.
  • Please put your entry in the comments section on the CONTEST PAGE! No worries… if you accidentally put it in another comment section, I’ll enter it for you.


SO this is also TToT time!

1. 014 It took a shamefully long time but I seem to be calming down. I was so cranky this week it was causing me an undo amount of stress. Finally, wacked it back into place.

2. unnamed (2) 3. unnamed  dug up some old photos of the sibs.

4. unnamed (1) managed to finish the rug Mom wanted for her birthday.

5. Douglas.unnamed (3) 6. That I’m catching up on paperwork.

7. Have Mon. off for some tests that may offer some answers.

8. Mom is marking well into her 80s this week and seems to be doing well.

9. unnamed (4)My sister had an emergency appendectomy this week. It seems to have had an unexpected side effect, but the Dr. assures us its temporary.

10. SBOR/BOSR 1.3 …damn or is it 3.5? Stupid dyslexia….well either way I gotta get dancing…


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The snow has been pretty deep in these parts. This photo.4  was taken two weeks and about 24 additional inches ago. The snow is up to the second pane of my livingroom windows. The wind is howling, and my little dog has taken to peeing on the stairs before I can convince him to venture further out into the cold. If it were up to him he would never go out and just explode on the first day of Spring..8

Yesterday the wind chills were so low that we didn’t venture out all day. I drank tea, Doug slept a lot and went down the hall to visit our neighbors. I did some laundry and in doing so realized that Doug has a plethora of old beat up blankets. So it was time for a project.

Just in case this turned into one of my other undone projects I decided to only utilize two of the said blankets.

unnamed (21) I cut them into about 2 inch strips and braided them in threes. I had a solid blue blanket and the striped blanket that you see here.

Then I started coiling the braids and tying them into themselves with small strips of the extra blanket pieces. I used to make these by actually braiding them into themselves so you braid as you coil but when the rug gets big its a real drag. unnamed (25) When you come to the end of a braid you tuck it into the bottom and tie it down with extra blanket scraps.

Keep going until it starts to grow or you run out of blanket as I did.

unnamed (24) unnamed (22)  I’m still tying things together.

unnamed (26)This one is large enough for these two guys to rest comfortably on it together….

unnamed (28)unnamed (27)  Tyrion and Walter …

TToT: The Quotey-McQuotey-Pants Addition

1.It is wonderful how much time good people spend fighting the devil. If they would only expend the same amount of energy loving their fellow men, the devil would die in his own tracks of ennui.– Helen Keller –

With the extreme intolerance we’re witnessing in the world right now, it just seems like these may be words to live by. Killing each other in the name of a higher power seems ridiculously contrary to the one goal to which all profess… (ie fighting evil.) Wouldn’t it be better to learn some tolerance and respect for our differences in order to bore the bejeezus out of Beelzebub? It would certainly be a hell of a lot more fun.

I gotta say that I am not particularly fond of my android. Love some things about it… not so much others…. but I do so love their new ads…

2.A while back I had said I needed to set some new goals. Looking at my health in a new light and accepting where I’m at and may be heading with it, I needed to feel more comfortable in my spiritual life. I haven’t in a long time. I still don’t but I am trying to find my way back.

We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

3.Why does watching a dog be a dog fill one with happiness?
—Jonathan Safran Foer

Because they are genuine and honest. unnamed (10)
4. I took this awesome book out of the library called Underwater Dogs by Seth Casteel… very joyful endeavor.
animals-dogs_00406834 images (1) seth-casteel-hero2 (1)

5. My favorite funny dog quote ( yep I have one…)

 Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.
—Groucho Marx

6. unnamed (11) This is my Godchild/niece Sarah, when she was four and I was 26. She just turned 30. Remember this little goofball? This is her daughter….  unnamed (23) and Sarah (now!) Sarah came to my rescue and her grandmother’s rescue this week in a BIG FAT HAIRY WAY! THANK YOU SO MUCH, SARAH! My mom was really ill and I live about an hour and change away. Sarah lives about five minutes from my mom. One call and she had her in the ER and long story short, ended up staying the night with her and taking her home and staying with her there to make sure she was well… as I cannot at this point afford to become acutely ill due to some health issues. Sainthood in my book… she is totally up for Canonization.

Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.― Tia Walker, The Inspired Caregiver


unnamed (17)

The most beautiful people we have known are those who have known defeat, known suffering, known struggle, known loss, and have found their way out of those depths. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

8.unnamed (13)  This is the snow outside my livingroom window.original

9. This is the wood stove at the coffee house we frequent weekly…  unnamed (18)

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy tea and that’s kind of the same thing. Anon.

10. unnamed (16) Having this posted over my desk probably doesn’t make me the most popular therapist… but people know where I stand… images (2) I don’t expect anyone to actually come up with any solutions, However I do outlaw the term “Yeah, but…” If you’re not willing to try to change the problem…. THAT is called whining. ( for the record… I like the quote but Teddy isn’t over my desk….for obvious reasons… I don’t want to antagonize people I just want to increase their awareness.)

HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND…. unnamed (19)

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TToT: The Essentials

11.0002unnamed (28)3[lpokl


41.00 51 1.0

6.8 7.2 8.4

9.6 10.7 Have a good weekend!

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TToT: The Don’t Go Into the Light Edition

…And I quote  Josie: “We need to order you up some good days PDQ!”

                            Me: “Yes please.”

I’ve been painfully honest (well for me anyway) the past few weeks about my health struggles with some neurological symptoms related to my original illness. Walking, getting out of chairs, not falling… have been a struggle. No one seems to understand what’s going on so I’m going in for what I lovingly refer to as the crap-shoot (crap being the operative syllable) treatment. (Have I mentioned I’ve been kinda cranky lately?)

I’ve been getting a series of IV infusions over the past few weeks. Despite the efforts of my insurance company to the contrary, it went well last week. But hey, that was a whole week ago. I actually started feeling some stronger and thinking … “hmmm… maybe this will turn around… chuck one more life onto the pile.” I even admitted it in print! GO FIGURE!

Then something happened . 2cc’s into the infusion and I was heading down the brightly lit tunnel. It’s amazing how fast your life turns around. I had a reaction that sent me into shock and the next thing I knew I was looking at the business end of a crash cart and a team of 7 professionals all at once saying things like:

Nurse one: “Stay with us now”

Nurse two: “is still she out?”

Me: “No, I’m not, so be careful not to say anything too damning. Ouch! That stings huh? What are you shooting into me?” 

Doctor now arriving: ” Something to bring you down, and then we’ll fill you full of steroids to make you hyper and so agitated you can’t sleep. And then later on we’ll give you all the caffeine you want!”

Me: “Haha… Do my eyes always roll like this in my head or am I just happy to see you?” 

Doctor: “It’s both right? You get snarky when this happens huh? ” 

Me: “Sorry. It’s the steroids talking, although you shouldn’t mislead all these nice people into thinking this isn’t our usual witty repartee.”

After some time and stabilizing, talk of transferring me to inpatient ensued. I spent the night heaving, and trying to keep my eyeballs from falling out (well okay,there was probably no real danger of that happening but that’s what the migraine felt like.)

The next morning, my friend the Doctor returned. (He really is an awesome guy.)

Doctor: “Hey kiddo, you look like hell. Any more heart problems?”

Me: “Yeah, it keeps beating. Can I go home?”

Doctor: “You’re asking?”

Me: “Don’t start with me, you.”

I got home earlier today. Doug was happy to see me. He had spent the night with our neighbors. unnamed (28) Oh, yeah, I cut my hair. Surprisingly this is not the first time I have left the hospital with a new hairstyle. The migraine was so bad I figured taking ten inches or so off my tresses could only help. Surprisingly it did! I still have a headache but it definitely helped.

So let’s take a tally shall we? That kinda rhymes… yes, I’m still a little punchy…

1. People in my circle. Internet and Real life.

2. There is potential for treatment that could keep me mobile. Even if we have to figure out a different kind.

3. A really responsive emergency team.

4. My doc.

5. My eyeballs did NOT fall out.

6. Have I mentioned Douglas?

7. I don’t mind having short hair again. I find I don’t get dizzy rinsing it out in the shower… hidden benefits.

8. Remember the fruitcake?  IMG_0601 Well who knew that Rumple guy would be so gratitudinous? I mean it was just a bunch of flourescent fruit, sugared into petrification and baked into a brick! What a lovely guy. He wanted to thank me so that when he said something like, “I may have gone overboard in making you a few cd’s of music to sample,” I thought he made two maybe three cd’s… Well the package came yesterday from the warmer climes of Kentucky. It was in shock and covered in snow on my doorstep… and it contained this… unnamed (25) unnamed (26)

Amazing , yes? And to top it off… each has a typewritten contents page! Who knew Mister-Current-Events-Scare-the-Bejesus- Outa-You-With-the-Scary-Stories was such a sweetheart!? Ok, he had kinda leaked it out, but still! Amazing!

9. That despite very high winds, snow deeper than a foot over the course of the past few days, there has been no nasty sleet or freezing rain to muck up the works.

10. I am also grateful that my internet connection is back for a bit tonight at least long enough to type this out!

Have a good weekend and thanks for letting me vent … I really gotta get some better stuff going. cuz I’m sick of hearing myself kvetch, but I can’t seem to help it right now.

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Broken and On the Lam at the TToT

The day I delivered my thesis many years ago, my then supervisor advised me to never apologize in advance of a situation. I can’t recall why I was doing it on that date, but today I am going to break that cardinal rule. I am going to apologize in advance for the rant that may ensue from here on in. I am not usually prone to letting my emotional state pour out over this page, but today may be different. Despite a second wind this morning, yesterday I reached my wits end.

I hate to admit it but lately, not feeling the thankful thing. So I’m just gonna try, but nor am I one to necessarily say I feel better after trudging through the gratitudinous muds of what is currently my situation and feeling any better at the end of it. As Clark would say I have a few hypograts in line for this week.

My current regime of treatment leaves me nauseated and fairly moody, both of which I can tolerate and even convince most people that it’s not an issue. However, I think most of why I am downright agitated, is that my insurance company has once again effed up and decided they do not insure me despite the fact that they have NEVER not cashed my check. I refuse to take that for an answer. Thank God I am not a passive wall-flower type and not very likely to take such a brick to the head lying down. (1) I did (for the first time in many years of dealing with what is a very serious chronic illness) feel broken. I had reached my limit. I gave up. I went to my appointment and refused to leave unless treated and left it in their capable hands to be reimbursed. They aren’t used to me being an a**hole (2) as I am usually funny and quite tolerant of my situation. I am always appreciative of the treatment I receive in the infusion rooms and always grateful — because of this they were really understanding of my position and said “Don’t worry we got this.” (3) And they did (4). Wonderful people.

I am currently taking suggestions on what people think can be done about this chronic insurance issue that people with long-term illnesses are constantly subjected to . I have gone to senators and congressman. I even spoke in congress and was able to help get some legislation changed regarding pre-existing conditions… sadly all I can say to that is BIG DEAL…. I am sure I am not alone in having to deal with this constant problem. Any suggestions are welcome. Something has to be done. Today I am not feeling as broken. (5)

Nuff said. I am grateful for Doug. unnamed (28) (6) He is a constant comfort. I am especially thankful for his vet whom I must say is THE BEST VET IN THE WORLD! (7) She loves Doug as well and never hesitates to tell the rest of the staff that he is her favorite client ( they probably all are, but we don’t care!) or how he was stolen from the SPCA after a Crack House rescue . She was the one on call the day I brought him in for the first time… we were on the lam. I wrote about it this week in Trauma of the Poodle King. 

I am happy I got to write this week too. (8)

Words With Friends (9)… I am so happy to be playing with friends from the blogosphere. It makes me feel more connected despite the fact that Val keeps whooping my butt! Not that the others don’t whoop my butt too, but Val seems to be the most consistent (despite being so gracious about it! I can leave every whooping with my ego intact!)

(10) The reason I had to shift my blog seems to be calming down, and Doug and I are pretty used to being on the lam anyway.

Thanks for letting me rant up there. See you on the circuit.

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