link up your story using this weeks cue: ” LETTER.”

  • no more, no less than six sentences.
  • any genre!
  • link it up between now and Tuesday the 21st!
  • have some fun and hop around!unnamed (11)


    1. Dell, Im happy either way you do this… I am just wondering if you want others to read it too would you like me to link it for you? If not no skin off my nose either way I just want poeple to have fun with this… but just letting you know Im happy to do that.


      1. The reason I’m no longer linking up is because I don’t have the energy to meet the obligation of reading everyone else’s posts–so I can hardly expect anyone to read mine. It’s unfortunate, as there are many good writers out there–but I have some health issues, including vision; so my choices were to either quit blogging–or just limit how much reading I’m obliged to do. I so hate to disappoint others. Just so you know–I LOVE doing the 6 sentence stories!


      2. IM SO GLAD YOU LOVE IT! … I am not of the school of blogging in which one must reciprocate to be a valued blogger… I know most of my buddies tend to work on that same premise although I should shut up and let them speak for themselves… so I understand what youre saying but … just sayin’!


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