TToT and the SSS Cue of the Week

It’s been a pretty creative week. Recycled crayons into more fun ones, finally perfected my wool felted dog, my sister made an awesome birthday cake for her grandaughter’s 1st.

My mother got Joulie a new bed. She really likes to be covered up. This is the progression of her covering herself up. It’s the coolest bed! Mostly because she actually uses it and isn’t on top of me all night!

What’s really great is that I have finally managed to slow Joulie down some… granted it’s only to the speed of light but we are working on it and making gains. She is learning to entertain herself once in a while as opposed to being a TOTAL attention whore.

unnamed-2It was talk like a pirate day this week! We had a blast…luckily, Joulie is kind of in permanent resting pirate face.

Yesterday I drove up to VT with a friend to go to a photography exhibit. I also got to see where the Grandma Moses exhibit is permanently displayed. Her winter scenes are so wonderful to look at!

img_20160924_153413 We stopped at a few farm stands on the way home.


… the pumpkin is in our garden

…and don’t forget the cue of the week!


Have a great week. If you have a pet photo I could put up on Too Dark To Read, please get over there and send it to me… hit about and my address is in there.

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A Pictorial Six Sentences

Something at the lab had gone very, very wrong!picsart_09-22-01-47-51

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Six Sentence Story


This week’s cue is “back.”

Six sentences, any genre, link it up.

The link goes live at midnight EST

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Takin’ it Random Style

Over at Too Dark To Read, Joulie is taking a tour around the world. I found this new app that I have been playing with and trying to get better at inserting her into various settings. No she really is on Easter Island…really.

IMG_20160704_171647I wake pretty early in the morning. I set my alarm for 5:30 but my dogs, including the one I had for the last 7 years, wake me up before the alarms. This morning was incredibly foggy out so I put on my headlamp before Joulie and I started out in the dark for our morning walk. Somewhere along the line I managed to freak myself out. I live in a pretty desolate area, but not so desolate that there aren’t cars going up and down the street on occasion. So at that hour you get people coming home from the night shift or wherever else they are coming home from. For some reason this morning I kept thinking that we were somehow in danger. I’m not above getting paranoid on occasion, but I think it’s really a product of a medical issue I’m having in which my system is revving up a bit, and causing me some anxiety of an organic nature. We’re trying to get it under some control and it better happen soon because I’m getting tired of struggling against it. I don’t know how people with bipolar disorder do it. My metabolic system is going haywire and when that happens I have really crazy rapid-fire thoughts. But that happens once in a blue moon. If I had to deal with that every single day I don’t know what I’d do. I guess I would learn to manage it, I guess what I am saying is I have incredible respect for people who do.

This morning when I got to the office a very elderly old man was trying to get up the stairs to my front door. He thought he was at the local grocery store. Which was at least a mile away. He was pretty disheveled looking, had to be at least in his eighties, and was carrying a white cane. I packed him into my car and gave him a lift down to the grocery store where he said he was supposed to be meeting some people. He wasn’t. They did know him down there by the fact that he comes in every morning for coffee and a donut. But today he was extremely confused. So I left him in the hands of the local police, because he said that he had to walk home which was at least a two-hour trek. They said they would get him to an Elders at risk program as this was not his first incident. Poor old guy. 

It may seem early but this is the time of year I start to make Advent calendars. I love Advent calendars. There’s nothing like getting a little special something even if it’s just a little slip of paper with a quote on it. It’s just nice to look forward to that little bit of something everyday. So this year I have many great nieces and nephews for who I’m going to make calendars. I also send some out to special friends every year. Those ones tend to be a little bit more temporary than the kind I make for the kids. I have a blast making them. I make all different kinds. Religious ones and also ones for the pagans like myself.

Gotta get back to work. Talk to you later!

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oops! I forgot to title it…

IMG_5399Unless you count the pumpkins, the garden has had it. I’m okay with that because Fall is my favorite season. The weather is turning cooler albeit darker in the mornings and soon the evenings will be getting darker sooner as well. I’m not so crazy about that but, I can live with it because soon the trees will be changing colors.This is the time of year I am most happy to be living here.


Miss Joulie continues to live up to her energetic name. She hasn’t slowed down a day since she arrived. My efforts to find a dog walker for my long day at work have failed, however I do have a wonderful stand-in until I am able. Joulie loves him so it’s all good. There is also a new post over at TOO DARK TO READ.

I was able to catch up some paperwork this week. Always a plus. I still have a never-ending supply but most is done.

A very good friend has recently been diagnosed with cancer. It’s serious, but if anyone can knock it on its ass, it’s her! She has passed a few other tests with flying colors so we are all very hopeful and ready to shore her up for the fight if she needs us. She has already been warned that if she doesn’t tell us when she needs help that cancer will no longer be her biggest problem. I think she understands. It’s probably not kosher to put out a hit for someone who won’t accept your help… hmmmm….perhaps we should rethink this one.

My brother just called. Funny, last night I was just saying that I should call him because I hadn’t spoken to him in a while and he had been trying to get a hold of me earlier this month. He is gonna stop by later on his way through. He lives several hours away and came to see my Mom and his former in-laws. It will be nice to see him. I see him on Thanksgiving, otherwise we catch each other as we can.

unnamed-11-e1462409384457I don’t know if I will be getting to the Six Sentence Cue for tomorrow, so how about we do it now?

If you’ve never done SSS before, consider joining in! It’s easy! You use this weeks cue to create a story, any genre, six sentences; no more,no less. Then you come back on Thursday and link it up.

This weeks cue is : back


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Unless I was around to back him up, Skip would never draw attention to himself by barking. I gave my key to my friend Ned so that he could get into my house. He needed to find some paperwork that I had forgotten to bring for him. When he got there he was having a hard time finding the papers so he called me at work.

After searching for about a half an hour he located what he came for and I said,   ” …be sure the door closes so the dog won’t get out.”

He replied, “there’s a dog in here!?”


That will never be Joulie’s problem.

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Six Sentence Story

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Six Sentence Story

    • 6 no more, no less
    • Any genre
    • Use the cueunnamed-21
    • Post it
    • Hop around

***The scheduled link time hasn’t been working so I will post it now, but the link won’t open until midnight.

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TToT It’s Been a Good Day

It wasn’t anything outstanding, but I don’t need outstanding. I’m happy with good.

  • a friend called and needed a ride. I hadn’t seen him in a while and we rarely get time to spend just talking. We had that today.
  • unnamed-18I took Joulie with me to a friend’s house and she behaved like a star! She used inside voice and cuddled up to everyone! We all took a group shot together.
  • My buddy is feeling better too!
  • unnamed-19Joulie in a rare moment was pretty pooped out when we got home. She is always cuddly but rarely falls asleep as fast as she did today.
  • unnamed-17
  • We had a bumper crop of tomatoes. I am making pasta sauce for canning as we speak… it smells great in here. It has all kinds of veggies (zuchinni, garlic, scallions, three kinds of peppers, mushrooms and eggplant)  in it to make it really good for you and really thick.  I just ran it through the blender. It’s back on the stove to simmer one more time. I feel so fortunate that we and friends can all grow and share our own food. I got a wheel of cheese today from a local farm… best cheddar ever…called Maggie’s Round.

  • ketchup_doneI will be canning it soon. I just sterilized the jars.
  • My friends didn’t known that IMG_20150805_102145_936_2Skips had passed and it was really nice to talk about him a bit, and not compare Joulie to him. A month ago Joulie’s biggest problem was that she wasn’t Skips. She is pretty great too and I wouldn’t trade either of them or adopting an older dog.
  • unnamed-11-e1462409384457Time for the Six Sentence Cue of the Week. It strikes me that Skips used to introduce the cue and well maybe the torch should be passed on to his successor… so here is Joulie with the cue of the week.unnamed-21
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  • IMG_20160806_175639200I started a new blog called Too Dark To Read if you go to it and click on the About page it will tell you how to reach me and I would appreciate any favorite animal photos. Joulie will meet you there.
  • Joulie and I are growing accustomed to each other. She is hyper and so am I. She loves to walk and I like walking. She is loud and so am I. She pees outside. I don’t. She is a lovely little spirit with great capacity for happiness as is witnessed by the constant blur that is attached to her butt.
  • I have returned to work full force and am continuing to be primarily pain free in my book. A great success this acupuncture thing. Hopefully someone is gonna say I can avoid surgical intervention. 20140401-reagantoast450I’m hoping my next MRI comes out with an image of Jesus burned into my spine! Please Dear God, ANYONE but the current Republican candidate.
  • I have a new computer. The one I bought five months ago was a lemon and the store finally admitted it and replaced it with an upgrade and the model I wanted. Satisfied? Yes.
  • I haven’t seen my Sunday morning breakfast buddies in a while due to schedules and physical limitations. Tomorrow we dine!
  • My buddy Richard of photo blog fame ( I will be updating his blog next) is putting out a new book this Christmas about geese. 13723911_10205909706653435_4628147797138996413_oFabulous photos as always. I am also so thankful to him as he walked Joulie on Thursday when I was going to be home far to late than would be reasonable for her to be on her own. He managed to actually poop her out for longer than a half hour… very cool.IMG_20160817_115421924
  • Gratitude abounds for the new car. I am told my old one is rapidly approaching the 35,000 mark. I do hope it makes 50!
  • I am grateful to be surprised by beauty in unexpected places.
  • unnamed-1
  • My neighbors as always and so many of the things we share like fresh veggies from the garden, chores and costs.
  • Hey look I can be a hostinae again! Thanks to the new computer I am not doing this on my phone for a change.
Ten Things of Thankful
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Six Sentence stories

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Sorry , i fell asleep when I was scheduling my post!

This weeks cue is range!

Go for it

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