Welcome To Six Sentence Stories

After this week we will be meeting at our new Clubhouse over at the home of the Girlie On the Edge.

Don’t forget now…. make sure to get there on Sunday for the cue word. Who knows if there will be any changes, but you got to get there to find out! I always wondered why I didn’t smarten up and just put the cue word out on Thursdays of the previous week? Now that I’m handing it over I get a brainstorm! Isn’t that always the way?

Either way, my Thanks goes out to Denise for freeing me up a bit, and maybe even inspiring me to write a Six Sentence Story every now and then!

The word of the week is CRANE!


It’s the SSS Cue of the Week and the BIG Reveal!

This is officially my last week hosting Six Sentence Stories. That means it’s also time to announce who will be taking the reins from here on in… who could it be?

You know her as Girlie On the Edge…

Yup, It’s the Girlie!!! (applause, the crowd goes wild…)

This week we will meet here one more time on Thursday. Then it’s on to writing along the edge! Which is where I do most of my best writing.

Just a suggestion but you might want to take that link up there that you just passed, and make it one of your favorite spots so you never lose sight of Six Sentence Stories! We wouldn’t want to lose anyone in the transition! So if you ever forget where you’re going just come on back here and ask. I’m happy to lead you in the right direction!

Until then, this week’s cue is CRANE.





It’s the SSS Cue of the Week and an Announcement!

Six Sentence Stories has managed to go on without very much participation from your host over the past several months. Oh yeah, I post a cue, I even manage to get the link set up more often than not.  I just haven’t found the room in my current situation to take part like I would want.

That being said, I’ve decided it’s time to pass the baton. After all, I was handed the scepter from the Grand Mistress herself, Ms. Josie Two Shoes. Why not concede it is time to let another enjoy this ride as much as I have?

I’m so grateful to everyone who stuck it out despite my low profile! Who knows maybe I will actually write one now???

Anyhow, next week I will announce who has agreed to take on the honor of hosting the SSS , but for now let’s get on with this week’s cue which is TRANSFER!