Holy Moses it has been way, way, way too long! So long in fact, that I couldn’t remember how to get into my blog. Since January I bought a new computer, had to get a new phone, and thank goodness had at some point attached the icon for Uncharted to the tablet I use for work, because otherwise I don’t think I would have gotten here today! Too many new devices to which I mistakenly never downloaded all of my apps. And well since I’m being honest, once I got here God only knows how I remembered how to put in an entry! We’ll have to see how this goes. I like to use a lot of pictures but I don’t know if I remember how to do that! I’ll give it my best shot though! But gee whiz it is great to think that everyone’s coming together for this anniversary! And that Kristi, God love her, has with her predecessors continued with the TTOT! I’m pretty secure in the notion that I can also throw out a shout out to my buddy Clark from the Wakefield Doctrine for keeping  in perpetuity, at least one of the BSOR/SBOR rules! Oh you know what rule I’m talking about Clark , don’t play coy with me!

Before I get going, let me try and pull out some of my favorite photographic TTOT memories. This way I’ll know if I remember how to do it and also it’s a Cheesy way to get my favorite photos out there again!


Well I was able to do that but now I don’t seem to be able to put any new photos in there so I’m okay with it. I’m just happy to see the old ones. Just know that this next list comes without illustration but I don’t know that it needs a whole lot. WAIT, WAIT….I GOT THIS!!!! MAYBE…

So let`s get on with the thankfuls shall we?

* I have been more than blessed with my share of good friends over the years. I’m happy to report that since I have been absent from my blog, that hasn’t changed at all. I’ve made some really good friends over the past couple years. I feel really fortunate that I don’t find it difficult to meet people. When you find yourself Suddenly Single it can be a pretty daunting task to get out there and meet new people, or even just keep going with the old ones. Luckily the old ones have kept after me. And I’m really grateful for that. I think they all know who they are!

* Joulie. If you remember this crazy little mutt was a real challenge. She was, and at times still is, a serious barker. When I first got her all she did was walk on two legs, which unfortunately turned out to be causing a spinal deformity and a lot of pain in her hips. Don’t make dogs do that. I’m happy to report that we still have a ways to go but we’re going to make it! The pirate  will never see another shelter again as long as I have anything to say about it . And I’m really grateful for her . She’s turned into a really incredible  companion .  She is a little spooky smart  if you know what I mean… You know a little too smart.


* A few people have asked, and I’m happy to report that my mom is still living independently as she heads into her 90s. I’m grateful that she’s healthy enough to live independently with family support. It’s nice not to have to worry on the same level that a lot of my friends with older parents do. Of course that doesn’t mean that I don’t worry at that level, it’s just I probably don’t have to, and for that I’m grateful.

* I moved into private practice a few years ago and if you recall I was terrified. It’s a really scary endeavor to go out on your own, but I’m happy to report it was a good move. I’ve had to do a little housecleaning and there have definitely been a few glitches, but overall- best move. And boy am I grateful that it worked!

* I would like a bigger place because just to have one more room that I could use as an art studio would be just awesome! However I’m not going to give up my idyllic surroundings unless the perfect place comes up. So yeah I still live in a pretty wild and amazing place. And yeah I’m still really grateful for it. There have been a lot of glitches over the past 2 years, but I’m sitting in the middle of a place that I really want to be. I couldn’t imagine moving back to a city at this point, or just even into town and losing everything that surrounds me outside of this house. Granted those two big bears in the previous pictures were on my back porch…but still…


* There have been what I think, is an unusual number of family and friends lost since December. And there have been times that it’s really hard to watch people you love suffer through those times. But I’m really grateful to feel part of something bigger than myself, especially at times like that. Grateful for all the support that I did receive, I’m grateful for having known these people, I am grateful for still being able to feel connected to them despite the fact that they’re not physically here any longer. I think things have really changed for me when I look back and see how I was struggling to feel less stuck in different parts of my life. Reflecting on these things now I realize how grateful I really am and how much I really moved forward in this time. Yeah my walk-in closet still gets messy but that’s not what’s important to me anymore.

*I’m not going to go into it but I had a life-changing experience sometime around Thanksgiving last year. It was like a brick was lifted from my chest. Was a really positive wonderful thing and it’s lasted right up to this moment. You know when something really great happens oh, give it a day or two and it’s kind of worn off. This one hasn’t. It’s been a real positive life changer that pushed me to work on some things that I really needed to let go of…it’s changed everything…and for that I’m really grateful.

* I’m just really grateful for a whole mess of things…

So thanks for sticking around and thank you Kristi, for keeping this going!  Now all I have to do is remember how to link it up.



The Thaw Before the Storm

The National Weather Service is predicting our area may be hit with anywhere between 12 to 36 inches of snow over the next three days. Often times when that happens it’s kind of anticlimactic and we end up with little more than 6 to 10 inches, sometimes less… today was the first day that I had seen the stream thawed-out in quite some time.

Detox Day 3 and So Much Random I’ve Lost Track


So when last I wrote, I was going to a meeting with the group that I’m doing this detox with. Maybe I’m naive, but I didn’t put together that this group would be as large as it is… I mean it’s close to 500 people. I really thought this would be little more personalized than that.  I’m a bit disappointed in that, but I don’t have any regrets about joining it because I think it has really good information, and I think the detox is totally worth it.  I’ve had success with this program in general so it’s all good.

This morning, I was making soup for the detox and doing dishes at the same time and apparently I left it up a little too high on the top of the stove and well let’s just say the explosion wasn’t pretty!

So that’s the detox so far, now for the random. My niece who is a tattoo artist is celebrating her birthday this week, and has decided to donate all the proceeds of doing little animal tracks for people to the local animal shelter. So she’s doing a series of walk-ins and appointments this week at $40 a whack and all the proceeds will go to her local animal shelter.  I think is just a really fantabulous thing to do! She’s really my hero, well one of them anyway!

I’m getting a little bird track done on my wrist on Friday morning. I’ll post a picture of it later.

It’s been pretty hectic week overall but it’s moving along and coming together and I’m just trying to kind of keep up with it. I’ll apologize to Denise right now cuz I don’t think I’m going to be making it to six sentence stories this week. I wouldn’t have the time to hop around, or to come up with much of a story. So if you can’t do it right don’t do it at all in my book. I’ll get back to it at some point Denise I promise! Probably intermittently but I will get back.

Have a great day! 

Day 1 of the Detox and Day 5000872 of Random Blogging

So today starts the first day of a 3 week detox and intermittent fast. I’m doing it with a doctor’s supervision, which I have to say is fairly uncharacteristic of me, but even I am capable of smartening up once in awhile.

I’m going to be meeting with a group that’s doing this detox together, and I really just need to wake up a little bit. I came here in hopes of getting my brain moving a little …so on with the random chatter.

Yesterday I went to see my niece perform in Boston in a play called The Wolves. She was really outstanding and I’m totally unbiased of course. But none the less she was totally outstanding. On my way there I witnessed a hawk that was hit by a car. And he was kind of floundering around in the middle of the road so I stopped and got him to the side of the road where he could regroup a little bit and eventually he took off. I’ve never been that close to a bird that large well that’s not true… But I’ve never been that close to a wild bird that large… I kept thinking if this guy regains his composure and figures that maybe I mean him some harm, I’m really going to be dead meat. This guy could really hurt me. But he didn’t and he flew off eventually and it was a really great experience. I had a great time with my niece had a great time at the play we went to dinner, brought her home, and came home to a very excited little poodle who had been well taken care of by our dog walker. Overall it was just a great day.

As the title says, this is day one of the detox. To be quite honest about it, it’s not much different than how I’ve been eating regularly since I started this whole vegan thing. You basically juice in the morning and have a vegan dinner and then there is a block of time of at least 8 Hours, during which you’re mostly sleeping, where you just don’t eat anything. And then there are days of fast in between. You know it’s nothing really that our ancestors didn’t used to do on a regular basis, it’s just now that food is so readily available to certain parts of the world there’s a lot of feasting and very little fasting any longer. So guess what I’m saying is I feel okay about this and I’m hoping it just kind of helps jumpstart my system a little bit again.

I’m trying to fit blogging back into my schedule. I didn’t realize how much time it used to take but it really does. If you want to be part of a hop or something like that, just to get around to people’s blogs is pretty time-consuming. I’m starting to try and carve out some extra time so that I can do that because I enjoy it.

Okay I have to get going and get ready for this meeting. I’ll let you know how it goes.

She’s BAAAAAAAACK….and it’s time for the TTOT!

I apologize because I accidentally hit publish before I did any editing and it was really atrocious, so if this is really bad feel free to refresh and maybe the update will be better! But be forewarned, I just took care of the autocorrect errors… if you have a punctuation problem you may find yourself in pain here.

I have had so much to be grateful for in the time that I have been missing from this blog but I’m going to stick to the Here and Now. So here are the things I’m thankful for and there might be 10 of them!

Joulie …. like Skip before her, she’s my all-time favorite person in the world…Primarily because she tolerates my idiocy so well!



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So have you seen the show on Netflix called Tidying Up? This particular show helped me with my walk in closet problem a year or two ago even though it wasn’t a show then it was a book. Either way I’ve carried out the things that really work for me with this woman’s process of eliminating stuff and tidying up. And every now and then I have to kind of regroup and tidy the Loose Ends because I’m like most people and will just stuff things where they land after a certain point.  Christmas is usually the Tipping Point for me and that’s usually when my house loses ground in the Tidy department. So January is often spent trying to get it back together. I’m in that process now and I’m grateful for it, cuz it always feels so much better than when things are Helter Skelter.




One of the things I’m really grateful for is dictation. You may have noticed most of my blogs need quite a bit of editing and that’s really because I dictate them and I’m often Fairly lazy about going back and cleaning them up for capitalization and punctuation. So not only am I thankful for dictation because often times my computer is glitchy as far as the keyboard goes, but I’m also thankful for your patience with my lack of editing. Cuz I know there’s quite a few people out there who are kind of like the grammar police and I appreciate that none of you are like that towards my shotty editing skills.

Occasionally I would post about my mother and just to let you know she is heading into her 9th decade soon, and off and on we have our challenges but I’m really proud of her for the changes she still makes at this age.IMG_2325 I’m also grateful for New, Old Friends. I have a friend who over the past year I’ve really gotten to know much better than I’ve known her in the past. I’ve always liked her a lot but I never really knew her as well as I do now. And she’s a real light in my life. She knew skip, and she adores Joulie which let me tell you is a big deal! She’s helped me Donn some Rose Colored Glasses once in awhile which I could really use because I can be a terrible cynic. So she does this little post from her Facebook site of her business. And I would invite you to go over there and follow because everyday I get one of these posts and it’s just enough to kick my butt into gear for a positive start to the day. Here’s one of the posts in which Julie was the star! Her business is the Wash & Wag , and I will put it in as a link as soon as I finish this post, because it’s totally worth checking out every morning or at least having it sent to you.


…and to top it off she started a little Revolution of Good Deeds for 2019… she and I and her nieces have committed to filling up a good deed jar this year… doesn’t have to be big Deeds, compliments, paying for the next guy in line at the coffee shop, taking Joulie for an extra walk, anything really… it’s pretty easy. I made some jars for all of us, she bought little cards for all of us, and off we go! Can you see why I am grateful for this person? Thank you Robin!20190110_142646 okay I have to get going cuz I’m running a little bit late. I’m going to see one of my nieces in Boston today she’s got a great part in a play called The Wolves. And I’m really looking forward to seeing her. I bought tickets for my sisters and I for Christmas and I’m grateful that I was finally able to get them something they wanted for the holiday! And I’m grateful that we’re all going together and having a great day!

… and lastly, have I mentioned that I’m grateful for Joulie?20190110_143442 Have a great day!

Where in the hell have you been?

Well it hasn’t been here!

A little less than a year ago I dropped off the blogging map. If you remember prior to that I was kind of trying to get my act together on the health front,  on the work front, on the homefront, on the social front, on the I own a little doggie and she’s a maniac front … you know a whole host of things

When I look at my progress over that time,  I think I managed to get things together fairly well. I mean if nothing else, Joulie has stopped threatening to eviscerate anything that walks within five feet of me. Granted that’s her progress not mine, but nonetheless I share in her victories! (For those of you who followed the “great unsticking” a year ago, my walk-in in closet is still a walk-in closet. I’m celebrating my second year in business for myself, and I’ve managed to stay out of the hospital for almost two years.)


I think most people know that I’ve suffered from some pretty significant health issues over the past bunch of years, and one of the things I found that’s really helped this year is committing to a vegan diet. Yeah , I drank the Kool-Aid. And I have to say I’m not one of those people that’s going to tell you that it’s been easy. I mean I was a vegetarian for years before this you would think it would be fairly easy, but I’m not fooling myself, it hasn’t been. I love cheese. Also having been someone who raised my chickens like they were pets, I didn’t feel any guilt eating an egg or two. It turns out , when you rely on a fairly sketchy digestive system, a vegan diet really is your best bet!

Over the next three weeks I’m embarking on an intermittent fasting detox. Oddly enough I don’t think I’ve ever bought this many groceries in my life… ironic, when you consider that I’m going to be fasting for a good piece of this 3 weeks. Well anyhow , I’ve decided to come back to blogging because I need to keep track of this. I need to try and log my progress or just how I’m feeling about doing this, and at the risk of appearing pretentious , I figured what the heck, I might as well do it here.

So, feel free to leave me a comment… that would be awesome . I missed all you guys and thought about coming back here many many times , but just never got my act together until now. Joulie and I are celebrating my return by making a detox soup tonight. My victories are her victories as well!



Welcome to Six Sentence Stories, when Denise from Girlie on the Edge puts out a cue word, and everyone stresses themselves into trying to write 6 and only 6 sentences using that word in some fashion.

Head on over there and see what it’s about! It’s fun ! REALLY, no really it is!

24 Hours Notice

Staring at the empty chair across from me I realize once again this is the plight of summer, when people feel free to cancel on short notice with some lame excuse that would never hold water in the icy climes of winter.

As the outdoors start to warm, my own internal temperature begins to cool, as I meet inconsiderate cancellations with a dose of reality.

“I’m sorry, I’ve told you before, I cannot reschedule on such short notice, I understand you’re mandated to be here, but don’t misunderstand- I am not.”

” The nature of our relationship does not dictate that I condone inconsiderate behaviors, including this one.”

” I have previously said you’re allowed to be sick without 24 hours notice, but at least have the decency to lie to me.”

Manners, People.20180628_103941