It’s the six sentence cue of the week!!!

This week’s  cue is YARD! See you Thursday!

Don’t forget to enter the contest! (As many times as you like!


It’s Time…

  • It may be time to return to blogging.
  • It may be time to return to writing with real effort.
  • It may be time to do a host of things, but for sure it is…


   (woohoo! The crowd goes wild!)

It’s been a LOOOOOOONG time since there’s been a contest and, I really enjoy them (even if you guys don’t.) SOOOOO what’s say we try this thing?

PicsArt_06-03-06.02.52How about Joulie the wonder dog give’s you the rules:

Well obviously she’s not feeling it right now, so let me fill you in:

  1. Enter by November 2nd.
  2. Leave your entry in the comments here or on the contest page (Which is this page, but if you can’t find it later the link is on the right sidebar and in the trees of the logo, also upper right.)
  3. Give us your best opening line for a country western ballad. (ONE LINE, ONE SENTENCE…please no WAR AND PEACE without punctuation!)

For example: :

  • ” Your lasso has done roped my heart.”
  • ” The shine from your smile, blinded me to your hurtin’ ways.”
  • ” The luvin’ was good, but I’m tired of being screwed.”
  • ” Moonshine only feeds the grease fire in my heart.”
  • “If I think about you too much, I’ll have to put my oxygen on.”


The winner will receive a 8×10 photo of their choice from Richard Hoebel’s Photography  blog.

As always my therapist will be judging your entries quite harshly (hahaha). No really, he’s always the judge.


***Many thanks to TARA for the contest idea. Enter for her…she would want it that way! And congratulate her on the way! After a long hard fight she is in remission!





six sentences any way you like…


Ok Denise, be careful what you wish for, Girlie!

downloadfluid is a substance that continually deforms (flows) under an applied stress.


img_20161002_100424354I think that definition refers to a sheer or force of some kind, yes?

A rock dropped from above into a pool of water would create that kind of scenario.

However, it goes without notice that the average human body is 60% water; a fluid.

I’m deforming as we speak.