TToT & Thank You, Val!

I am currently lying on my Mom’s  couch watching Ina Garten make tomatoes and gruyere into culinary heaven.

On this Father’s Day, I’m thankful for my elderly Mom. She is getting on in years, but she’s still concerned enough to make blankets for the homeless who find themselves in need come winter. She’s telling me a story of how she prayed to the Virgin Mary when she delivered each of her children. She says it went something like this: ” Hail MARY, full of GRACE!!!”

I’m also grateful for my girl Joulie. She’s learned a lot this year. I’m taking an inventory and realize she was living in quite a neglected state. This year she’s  been house trained, learned to sit, stay, and is learning to use a ramp. She’s  still working on not barking at every noise. Yesterday she hung out in my housemate Nick’s apartment and behaved! She’s  also up to normal weight.


I’m  always grateful for where I live20170616_104958

I’ve since left this post and am now returning to it. Ran a few errands and am still at Mom’s house.  I’m happy that I was able to straighten out my house some last night. Also that accupuncture helped with back pain. I’m  always so grateful  for relief and the ability to walk. It’s  an amazing thing when you think about it….walking and our ability to be independently  moving and self sustaining….in most cases anyway…can you tell I came in on a documentary  of spiritualism and Buddhism?


Art is awesome and Im grateful for gifts of art. The mask is a gift from Puerto Rico and my niece drew the rose with colored pencil on vellum.

And the art of nature…


Yep…that’s Spock.

Lastly,  Thanks Val for this week’s cue word for Six Sentence Stories…



See you Thursday!



  1. I probably  never mentioned it before but I have a lizard pirate living in my home. You wouldn’t  think gratitude  would come to mind but it does.IMG_20170401_094720423
  2. She’s  a Sox fan20170610_171452
  3. And has as much fun as I do when we go to work on Saturday. 20170609_090418
  4. A good friend went back to chemo this week but Joulie has a way of reminding everyone of the bright side.PicsArt_06-04-05.08.28
  5. Pumpkin waffles, gluten free, dairy free and really were just as good for a change.20170604_155500
  6. Strawberry smoothies20170603_112135
  7. Warmer, sunny weather20170604_135411
  8.  Ol’ timey photo booths20170610_182502
  9. Rejuvinating bromiliad….whew…thought it was a goner….20170608_101454
  10. The SIX SENTENCE STORY….WANNA KNOW THE CUE??? WELL IT’S  “LINK.”unnamed-11-e1462409384457

Six random yet oddly up”lift”ing sentences

  1. I think the elevator in our building is becoming senscient, because for the past three weeks it has refused to go down to- or up from- the cafe level of the building, thereby keeping all of us on our diets and not having to haul our heavy butts up and down six floors.
  2. I get a bit bummed out every time I have to do behavior modifications with my dog because it’s  not  in my nature to be as scolding or as infuriated by her refusal to stop barking.
  3. IMG_20160727_060505616 But then she does this and it’s  a pretty good mood elevator.20170603_153620
  4. This is a doggy ramp to use because my new bed frame is too tall for my short dog.
  5. Joulie is still acclimating  to the ramp, but hopefully this weekend we can start using it as intended.
  6. The ramp was a gift from a friend, talk about your physical and emotional lift!


ttot & sss cue o da week

The seeds of revolution  continue to grow…

Joulie is learning that barking like you intend to eviscerate someone is not a particularly endearing form of salutation and may get you in trouble.


She is also lookin pretty hot in her fav. T-shirts.

And I think we may have answered the age old question: Can you ever have too many toys?20170529_184257

I, in the mean time, have been developing  a fondness for plants,  which is quite surprising considering that previously I always considered gardening a forced march and assumed that any plant in my care would have to thrive on neglect.

We’ve taken some good walks lately and the salamanders are back!

Lastly I was able to help a friend by making him some temporary  orthotics…I was just happy to have enough books handy for the glueing process without having to dump out a book case.20170529_090140

…and the SSS cue of the week you ask?unnamed-11-e1462409384457


See you thursday!