The Reverie Journal is striking out on its maiden voyage October 9th, and yours truly is going along for the ride… PRETTY EXCITING… they say it best, so I am just going to rely upon the magic of “cut and paste” to fill you in completely… I will probably repeat this a million times so I am asking for forgiveness in advance.

I submitted this when I was Zoe…sigh…
The Reverie Journal

“This has been a long time coming, but we are so excited to announce the upcoming release of The Reverie Journal’s first issue – Available on Kindle October 9th!

That’s right. . .I said Kindle.

We struggled for some time trying to find the right outlet for our magazine. We wanted to showcase the amazing work submitted to us in the best possible way, and honesty, we just weren’t finding the right program to utilize.

So the magazine evolved and we decided to make this more of a book, allowing us the ability to truly customize it in the way we wanted and to offer all of you a beautiful, professional product.

In celebration of our first issue, you will be able to download the Kindle version for


***There will also be a print version available


Hope you can come along!


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