A “Perfect” Six Sentence Story

unnamed (11)You know that exquisite pain you feel when you look back on the best day of your life and realize, that if you actually knew what you didn’t know then, it wouldn’t have been the best day after all?

It’s such a privilege to have had  a whole day of blissful ignorance.

It was a full twenty-four hours… of waking late to the rhythm of ocean waves; witnessing the marriage of our closest, dearest friends; dancing all afternoon on the beach until the moon rose and illuminated an indigo sky; of lying in the sand feeling almost transcendent, observing as many stars as there were grains beneath us; of being so wholly and completely in love with the one I was meant to spend the rest of my life with, knowing this was where I was supposed to be.

Even though we wouldn’t be granted a chance at forever , I didn’t want to know that then.

Those losses will never be reclaimed, but memories can be healed until they don’t hurt anymore.

That one day, can be perfect again.


22 thoughts on “A “Perfect” Six Sentence Story

      1. Hey val, for some reason im not getting a notification when you leave a comment as i do when others leabe one….its just been the last two or three of them…any clue? I will keep my eyes open and hope not to miss any…i dunno why thats happening :/


  1. As we look back on life I am sure we can all recall many perfect moments. I don’t it so important as to nominate one as the best but be thankful that there have been a few.


  2. Completely and utterly beautiful, my friend. I think people often wish, in theory, that they could have the answers up front, know what life would bring. But in reality, it’s rarely practical. And this reminds me of a song – Garth Brooks I think. “I’m glad I didn’t know…. I could have missed the pain, but I’d have had to miss the dance.” Gets me every time.


  3. and yet… what we have within, remains as it was, if we can only keep the two apart. What was, was… the subsequent changes does not alter the ‘what was’ it does, (often to our dismay), what will be


  4. I came back to read this again, and realize that for some reason my original comment didn’t post, and this was such an amazing piece, one of the very best you’ve written, that I have to leave another. “a whole day of blissful ignorance”. I think how healing that would be for many of us if we could opt for one of those now and then. If only we weren’t always aware of the realities of life, and that happily ever after isn’t always granted. But I like to think that for the pair in your story there will indeed be a happily ever after in a way more amazing than anything they shared in this realm. ❤


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