Tell Me a Little Lie

unnamed (19)


After all, you only have six sentences…

  • no more
  • no less
  • use the cue (lie)
  • any genre
  • hop around
  • enjoy yourself


 Child’s Play“Liar, liar, pants on fire! Nose as long as a telephone wire! Turn it in, turn it out, turn it into sauerkraut!”

“I’m gonna do it!”

“Oh yeah, I dare ya!”

Gingerly, she slid backward  onto the cement and he felt the jarring impact of his teeth connecting with his tongue, as his seat                                                                                     hit the ground.

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43 thoughts on “Tell Me a Little Lie

  1. Very Painful!! I was wondering/hoping someone would do the “liar, liar, pants on fire!” Will post mine shortly (it’s another “from the past” one–gosh, I hope the day comes when I can stop writing those….). xxoo, Jael 🙂


  2. Nicely done!
    I don’t recall hearing the call in the 1st paragraph! Good one lol
    Can’t say that I did much on the see saw in my day:) But! they’re still around so that says something about it’s longevity in the eyes of children 😀


  3. This sure brought back memories of years and years ago! Do they even have these on playgrounds anymore. I remember this challenge all too well, both the crash landings and delivering them to others. We played rough and tumble back then, and we all survived!


  4. I’d only heard the first sentence. I’d never heard the second and the third! Only goes to show that it’s never to late to learn nursery rhymes or jump rope rhymes, or whatever else one calls those type of verses! 🙂 I remember trying to see saw on a piece of lumber balanced on a saw horse. It isn’t the safest thing to do, but not too bad if you trust the person on the other end!


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