TToT and the Cue of the Week!

So somewhere around my birthday I came to my senses and dropped the 30 Day Art Challenge. I realized I was flat out immobilized when I decided to do it and now that I’m up and moving a bit more, it is not the time to be adding things to my schedule (unless they are designed to help with the problem that immobilized me in the first place.) So thankful I have an under developed sense of pride? You betcha!

I put together a collage of things I’m thankful for and I’m glad I did because it made me realize that Joulie is growing on me. It’s been a challenge. She is extremely active and pardon my saying so, she is a huge attention whore! When I put the photos together I realized she was in quite a few.

So from top, left to right:

1&2 Joulie is settling in

3 a client brought me a thank you sunflower

4 Joulie has a few Skipisms….ie she found the loophole around the dog cover for the sofa as she often uses it to cover the dog

5 Joulie is nothing like Skips at the vet. She is calm ,cool and collected.

6. Another Skipism is to perch like Snoopy on his dog house.

7 The garden is growing!

8 It’s nice to see a little white dog on the lawn again…and the next photo as well, which demonstrates how beautiful it is here.

9This is the last of the girls.A decision has been made to let these last ten ladies live out their natural lives then we are closing down the coop. In case you didn’t notice, that’s Daisy Dyllon up in the back!

10 This was my birthday week. The owl came wih several other gifts. She is not a chew toy as are not her cohorts, Lincoln the bear who is about 30yrs old and the squirrel who is over 50yrs old.

And the Six Sentence cue is: suspect

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! I&J



10 thoughts on “TToT and the Cue of the Week!

  1. I love that you have the ability to release yourself from a plan that is no longer working for you and move in a different direction. Creativity has to be fun, not forced. I hope to get back in the 6SS groove this week as well. I am so glad that Joulie is worming her way into your heart. Hopefully she will mellow a little more in time! Love your yard and the chickens… And the absence of bears in these! Wishing you a week ahead that is peaceful and blessed! ❤️


  2. totally agree with Josie, I’m in awe of that strength (to adjust in mid-semi-public plans and efforts*)
    staying focused on the the things that bring enjoyment to others while remaining consistent with your own well-being, totally cool ability.

    *why no, that is not the clearest possible way of expressing my thought…thank you for asking! lol)


  3. Glad you started that challenge, even if it ended mid month, because I am on an art kick now. I can’t stop myself. I will continue.
    You are partially responsible for that and so I thank you.


  4. She’s an attention whore? Unlike your accountant, who we barely knew existed 😉

    Love the aping of Snoopy though, and glad you’re both settling in well.


  5. You do live in a very beautiful place. One day I must visit you and Joule 🙂
    Do whatever you want to do! Which is quite a lot, mind you. But, ya got to stay true to yourself, for yourself
    I’m babbling right now, so I’ll take my leave.
    Geez. First I was suffering from the write=itis, now I seem to be suffering from turnonthemachineandengage-itis. Only took me 4 days to get here. lol
    Steady forward. Take it slow. Be well.
    Love the collage!


  6. Happy Birthday, Ivy–wishing you better health, a bonus-blessing new year, good times with Joulie, intangible gifts to keep in your heart, enough success to be gratifying yet not overwhelming/stressful, and love of course–bushel baskets of it. I’m not sorry at all that you had to quit the Art Challenge, since I didn’t make it far either–we MUST be able to set limits and adjust them as needed without feeling “less than” about it. You continue to be the Primo Role Model for many of us struggling and straggling along. Continued prayers go up for you, may you feel the answers in a mega-outpouring of blessings–xxoo ❤


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