TToT, a Cue and the Holidays are Upon Us

I, like many in the nation, am recovering from the recent election. I am looking for a way to make a difference in the next four years. I, like many in the nation, am discouraged.

But I, like others, must remember the wisdom and strength of those before us. A friend reminded me, when he sent me this  Mexican proverb earlier today:




For friends, those before us, wisdom to remain calm and peaceful, inspiration, perseverance… I am grateful. Currently, my greatest hope is that in four years, I will have the chance to admit I was wrong.

Joulie wasn’t feeling well today. She is fine, but it really made me realize how much she has grown on me. She is a wonderful little dog. Hyper, yes… wonderful none the less.

If you recall , I have a thing for Advent calendars. I’m not sure where that came from but I do. I love to make them and I make upwards of twenty or so each year. These are the three I finished this week.

img_20161119_090222My mother was asked by her granddaughter to  consider writing down some of her early memories from childhood and her married life. She so far has written 38 pages. Quite an accomplishment when you consider she has one heck of a tremor and has difficulty writing even on a small-scale. I finished typing it today. I’m grateful that she can still do things like this and that her grandchildren are asking her to do it.

I didn’t get the Christmas Death Letter this year. I suspect my mother unpacked the box it was in before I got to it…gratitude.

img_20161118_210501972This lovely little bauble arrived this week…

Things like this make me happy.

Thank you, Leo!

My friend Richard put out a new photo book this year. It’s small and paperback and full of adorable photos… This is the flyer…15107357_10206783064206828_3984348889940868812_n

I’ve made a few new friends over the past few months. I’m grateful for the ability to meet and connect with people.

I’m still working through some uncomfortable things and still on a spiritual search. It’s moving, but like everything, I wish it was easier.

This is a short one, but overall, much for which to be grateful.

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Before we tie it up, the Six Sentence Cue of the Week is NATIVE.

Ten Things of Thankful
Ten Things of Thankful

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9 thoughts on “TToT, a Cue and the Holidays are Upon Us

  1. On the left, looks like you opened a box of Joules LOL They grow on you pretty quickly don’t they? 😀
    That’s a very cool thing you do, making the Advent calendars. It looks pretty labor intensive what with little pop up thingies and such 🙂
    Your niece is quite special for asking your mom to write of her life. I remember hearing my mom tell me some stories but how much better would it have been had she written it all down. Time has a way of wearing down the memories.
    Would that “self evolution” was an easy task. It’s all about faith. Believe Ivy.


  2. Ah, I love that particular proverb. So true. The rest of the world is with you, for the most part that I am able to claim, while we hopefully ride out these next four years, but nobody thinks it’s going to be easy. Brace ourselves.
    I also love that your mother’s life is being recorded, as I truly believe families are better for recognizing their foundations and how they’ve been built. I have my grandmother’s diaries and my grandfather’s stories on tape and I intend to make sure the past and my history is never forgotten. All families should ideally do this.
    Hope the holidays coming up can bring you and all of us some much needed cheer.


  3. Your advent calendars are works of heart which makes them so much more special. I’m so impressed with the writings of your mom, it is something I wish my mom had done for me. I gave my mother-in-law a book to fill in her memories but I’m not sure if she had worked on it. I know you are filling with joy and cheer for the upcoming winter season. That makes one of us. Love the Joules.


  4. Just today in church, someone said, “Sometimes we mistakenly think that happiness is the absence of loads.” Yes, spiritual growth takes time and can be painful, but trials can strengthen us–and we can be happy and at peace even in the midst of struggles.


  5. The Christmas Death Letter made me chuckle a bit. Those advent calendars are such a good idea, and cute too. Your Mother’s writings is truly a labor of love, and to do it with the tremors must be frustrating for her too. It is always nice to make some new friends. Wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving.


  6. What a treasure to have those handwritten pages from your mom! I wish I had asked my mom more questions and written down more stories.
    I knew Joulie would grow on you.
    The election results still have me feeling like someone socked me in the gut.


  7. Your Advent Calendars are true works of art, along with being efforts of love. That you find the time and energy to make so many amazes me! I knew from that very first photo that little Joules was going to grow on you in her own over-eager way. Who could resist that boundless energy and infinite joy? (Well, most of the time, anyway! 😉 I love your Mom’s writing project and your patience to transcribe it. How I wish I had those for my parents. While my children will inherit the ramblings of my blog, it makes me realize that they don’t have know a whole lot from the years before they became a part o my life. Hmmm, maybe that would be a good goal for 2017!


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