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unnamed-11-e1462409384457 This week’s cue for the Story of the Week is HOME

  • six sentences, no more, no less
  • any genre
  • use that cue!
  • come back on Thursday crack of dawn and link it up when the link opens at midnight
  • hop around and spread the comment love

My Bitch is Never Bitchy

I’ve been quite a crank all week.

My mood has been nothing but bleak.

You would think with my druthers,

That I could muster some other

moods for work by midweek.

But no, I just wanna stay home,

With Joulie and her big marrow bone.

She seems quite content,

with time felt well spent.

She gnaws while I sit and groan.

10 thoughts on “HOME: SSS… Link ‘er UP!

  1. Ohhhh, Zoe–I feel your pain!!! ‘Tis the Season…for All Moods, a roller coaster 24/7. I was near tears in the grocery store, mid-afternoon…now I’ve perked up: cleaned out my freezer full of homemade soups, casseroles, nut bread, etc and hauled the whole batch down to a neighbor–“planting seeds of goodwill” as it were–works for me! Much love to you from Stella and Frank ❤

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  2. Loved this! The tale (tail) is all too true, we often talk about how we wish we could live the life our furkids to, pure spoiled luxury with every need attended while being able to do exactly as they please. Be patient with yourself, your spirits will start to pick up when you feel a little better. XOXO


  3. Home is where the dog is, I think. Very clever rhyming limerick – you are so good at those. I love that you can look at yourself objectively – (((((((hugs))))))))))


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