Six Sentence Stories: PINE

unnamed-11-e1462409384457Welcome to Six Sentence Stories: 

This week’s cue is PINE… Six sentences , no more , no less, any genre, use the cue as you see fit, come back first thing Thursday and link up, hop around to witness other works of literary genius!



Unaware I find myself pining, and I think it’s for you, though I’m not so very clear.

It was all very clear once.

Kind friends and professionals sterilize it with cliches like “time heals all wounds,” leaving me to feel like a heel.

Years ago, I never expected to move forward alone, when we were trying to predict our future.

I’m forever pushing through one more cliche- “life will move on,” it keeps going with or without you.

I often try to stand still, struggling to resist wildly grasping at the remnants of our time together, then like it or not, life drags me along behind it.

There are a few PINES in there.

17 thoughts on “Six Sentence Stories: PINE

  1. Wow, dear Zoe–this is a heart-grabber, I can really feel your emotions. I wish I could offer a balm… Some wounds don’t heal entirely, the throbbing subsides… Please know that I care, and am sending up prayers for you, as well as hugs across the miles–xxoo, that Stella (and Frank)

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    1. Im really good. Don’t you think most poetry about anything serious always makes it sound like you’re doing crappy? Im not. Its all cool….just momentary thoughts.


      1. Well, maybe I err on the side of showing compassion–I don’t know you all that well, but enough to know there was someone important who’s absent now. And I’m very glad you’re not doing crappy about it–but I also know about “momentary thoughts”…they can be rather potent ❤ And oh sheesh, I just realized Frank and Stella are due to go stage!!

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  2. These words were very moving, a glimpse of the beautiful heart which shared them. I am not so convinced that time heals everything, I think we just learn to live with the hurts as best we can, and we grow stronger because we have to… or at least we appear to. I think that most of us have our moments when we would give anything for time to just stand still, and not to propel us helter-skelter into a future of unknowns. Together, we will be ok though, one day at a time.


  3. I felt so much of the emotion you seemed to be expressing in this six sentence story. So many times cliches just aren’t a bit helpful, and I’m afraid we have all been guilty of saying the absolutely wrong thing when we wished to show empathy. It seems that it is only when we have gone through something similar that we learn what not to say. As life drags us on, there are moments where the road seems quite rocky.


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