Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

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So you picked up the cue on Sunday … this week it was CHECK.

I’m really grateful for everyone who has participated or even intended to write six sentences. Let’s hope good intentions don’t actually pave the road to Hell, but rather to Literary Heaven… maybe not this week… but maybe soon…

But here’s the really great news (NOT), the stupid button still doesn’t work! ARGH!!

Even without the silly badge, it’s lots of fun and the great part is that it’s pretty easy to put out six sentences, and reading another six isn’t a huge time commitment!

Link up below, hop around and spread the luv!

It’s time!!


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Six Sentence Stories

    1. it’s the clock on my schedule for the blogs…they were supposed to both go live tomorrow morning at 5 a.m. my time. so the link still will but this will already be up because I’m not going to take it down again. But I need to figure out how to adjust the clock on that thing. this wordpress thing is really labor intensive. I don’t remember having these problems with blogger although there was a whole different set of problems there.

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