TToT Part Deux

I am off to my mother’s house this morning. My nephew is coming in from Pittsburgh for his Mom’s birthday. We are also celebrating my other sister’s birthday today… it’s kind of midway between them both and lately we haven’t been finding the time to get together.

unnamed (12) Doug, although also celebrating a November birthday, will be staying home because he really can’t tolerate two hours of driving any longer. Doug had a rough night and was up frequently until he eventually fell asleep sprawling across my side of the bed … translating to, I also had a rough night last night. Doug is already asleep on the sofa since insisting we get up at 4:30 on my one day off this week… lucky he’s cute is all I gotta say about that. I am always gonna be grateful for Doug…

Im grateful my car is up for a long drive… well okay, I’m hopeful my car is ready for a long drive… I AM grateful for Triple A.

I am grateful for good friends… equal to about 84 items here… nuff said really… just really grateful and trying to keep this short… I could go on for days on this one item alone.

unnamed (61)Halloween was quiet. The girls got a bit rowdy as they are apt to do but overall quiet.unnamed (62)

I read that Kristi has had a coyote issue as have we. I have been told they grow much larger (he is BIG) on this coast as they have cross breeded. This one has shown up on our front lawn for the past two weeks. I have been quite vigilant in chasing him off and being sure he isn’t there before my elderly sheep-like doggie and I go out for last call at night. unnamed (3)

unnamed (11)OK , I have to run… have a good day. and let me leave you with the SIX SENTENCE cue of the week… CLOSE…

Have a great day! Ivy and Dougunnamed (60)



23 thoughts on “TToT Part Deux

  1. Have fun celebrating with family. I’ll say a little prayer for the vampire-mobile (don’t vampires live forever?) to have a safe trip. Doug, as always looks so lovable, and the girls are having fun, as usual.


  2. A most excellent jack o lantern! I bet your place looks great this time of year – good let’s scareourselvesaboutmonsterecomingoutofthewoods kind of place:)
    Do enjoy your trip and time with the family. Yes! Once upon a time, AAA was always in my wallet.
    Love the party hat picture of you and Doug!!


  3. I am grateful that you continue to count your gratefuls, and for showing the rest of us that it can be done! Doug is soooo lucky he’s cute, any other boyfriend would have been booted for being a night owl, a bed hog, and an early riser on days off! Fur kids have different set of rules, mine are admittedly spoiled rotten too. :-). Glad you got to meet up with the family today, wish some of mine lived a little bit closer. Close… hmmm, let me get to work on that! Have a good week ahead!


  4. I can’t imagine what it must be like to have a brand, new car and no need for AAA. Hope your drive was uneventful and the day delightful.


  5. Another braver-than-a-coyote person! My question is, cross-bred with WHAT?
    Hope the drive and the visit went well, and that Doug has a better night tonight.


  6. Love that picture of the “girls.” Is the coyote a cross with a wolf? Cougars sometimes carry away small dogs here, so it was recently reported in the local newspaper.


    1. I was told it was a wolf crossbreeding… we have mountain lions here too…havent had any reports this year so far though. My friends in Alaska had trouble with eagles carrying away their cats.


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