TToT and a Halloween Repost…

Let me start by saying “Thanks, but don’t worry.”

I’ve been a bit absent of late. Not so far gone as to be completely invisible, but enough to provoke the imaginations of friends who in turn sent emails and other forms of communication after having created their own stories as to why my truancy may be so.

unnamed (59)No need to worry. I’ve just been taking a break and  holed up watching bad movies, working, and catering to a persnickety poodle who does not share my love of all things black and white B  Movie. I got a bit overwhelmed since NJ  ( you remember NJ?) cropped-unnamed-12.jpg It was really awesome to meet everyone in person and I wouldn’t have traded it, but turns out the car accident I got into on the way there took a greater toll than I previously thought. I’ve had to make some adjustments because of a physical injury and because sometimes stuff like that can challenge your thinking… y’know?  I’m still dealing with the physical fall out and other after effects like …you know… totalled car… my new respect for duct tape… and the challenge in my faith both negative and positive in human nature.unnamed (13) A good friend’s father was killed on the same day in a fatal car accident in CT, and it made me realize how lucky I was to walk away from this one with manageable problems. I have to say that I can’t even believe I am still talking about this and dealing with it this far down the road from when it happened. I am typically a “get over it already” kind of gal and this seems to be lingering. I got the car back two weeks ago and the final repairs were completed this week with new passenger side tires. unnamed (46) I’m thinking it looks pretty damn good!

So in the mean time I have still been going forward with my private practice… when time and medical allow. It is slow going as I knew it would be because of insurance panelling and the bureaucracy of the American health system… but I DID get my first copay this week which was kind of exciting! I also get to turn in my first time sheet to my billing person this week which is also pretty stinking cool.

On other cool notes… the rest of the Great Unsticking Project is still working. I am finding a challenge with a few  things, again due to changes in medical and financial after the car accident. I am doing my best with both of those. I am still finding the spirituality thing a great challenge, but a few folks have taken me on as a bit of a project and that is most helpful as well.

Doug, Doug, Doug… I am so happy that Doug is still around and happy. He is approaching 16 this month and we all hope to celebrate it with him. unnamed (60)He is pretty stinking out of his gourd, but he is happy… He still greets me at the door all tail a waggin’ and barking his goofy little head off . He still runs to meet Judy and Mike every morning and afternoon cuz SHE’S HIS GIRLLLLLLLLLLLLLFRIEND! HE WANTS TO MARRRRRRRRRY HER! He is still staying busy when I am at workunnamed (1) , and he is still running around the yard at least daily, although trying to get him to take a walk is a challenge… he is just one lazy old man. At 135 he’s tired, I suspect.

All that said… I am sooo very grateful for my man Douglas. He represents the end of an era around here… hopefully it won’t be drawing to a close anytime soon, but I suspect otherwise. I mean really… facing reality is tough but, who do you know that’s 142?

On another note my buddy Richard … the guy who takes all the great photos…  is coming out with a new book. This year is a firm-covered paperback and that in turn is making it a lot more affordable which to me is key… it’s got great shots and a photographic story of Eagles in our area. I suspect Richard knows far too intimately what it is like to watch eagles sleep. He has spent many hours, and you can tell he has because he managed to get shots I have never seen before. Anyhow … this is the flyer I put together for the book… Eagles .

Also of interest this week is our very own Clark of the Wakefield Doctrine has been exploring his author side… I gotta say it’s really, really good and worth a look. It captured my interest pretty quickly…all kidding aside (cuz i have a tendency to rag on Clark,) Im hoping he gets moving on the next chapter cuz I wanna know what happens. He has a couple chapters penned out and I think it’s gonna be totally worth following… fun read. Here’s the link… go check it out.

Ok nuff said.. here is a repost of a ridiculous poem I wrote about the infamous vampire poodle that ravages the French countryside… Have a ridiculously fun Halloween






Lurking along the Parisian countryside

Under misty moonlit cover of night,

To the peak of the Tower Eiffel he flew

In hopes of a kiss with a lethal bite.


Thus was the buss of the vampire poodle!


Upon his hideous manifestation

The damsel faint with vaporous throes.

Less panther than frightened feline,

He transformed her angst to vampiric repose


Thus was the buss of the vampire poodle!


Amongst the French villagers, in passing conversations

“Cést la vie” is heard far less often these days.

No one roams moonlit cities very long past the dusk

If they do they come prepared with fraise*


Because of the buss of the vampire poodle!


* buss : a kiss
*fraise : a fence stake…also a strawberry but I meant the former
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36 thoughts on “TToT and a Halloween Repost…

  1. Holed up watching B movies? Take as long as you need my friend. If that doesn’t help, nothing will!
    Congrats on your first co-pay. May there be many more 😀
    Doug. He’s popular, famous and one hell of a dog 🙂 Long live the Doug!
    Hey! The flyer looks great! Fading fast…mus..t sign o..f…f


  2. Here’s a buss for you *SWAK*. Clark’s story is great and I can’t wait to read more chapters. Maybe we can Google Hangout the birthday celebration of the cutest vampire dog on the planet. Hope every day gets better and better.


  3. This poem is as delightful as a re-read as it was when new. You are so stinking creative, both with words and graphics!

    To my way of thinking, it is totally realistic to still be dealing with the psychological after-effects of that traumatic accident. When things this big happen to us, both physically and emotionally, it takes a long time to put it all into a perspective that we can be a peace with. What I know most certainly is that God still has things for you to do here, so your angels were working overtime that day.

    Spirituality – faith, is such a tricky thing in that everyone comes to it differently and although we can all share our insights and journeys, in the end we have to find belief on our own terms, by listening to the voice of our own soul. Maybe spirituality is a very simple thing, to be accepted as easily as we do breathing and awaking each morning, or maybe it is more complex with things to be learned and guidelines to be understood and abided by. I pray for you daily to find your own path to inner peace and healing, and I know you will. Strangely, for me at least, sometimes a belief in humankind sometimes comes harder. While I believe in the innate goodness of all of God’s creation, people can blindside me and leave me reeling for days from confusion and pain. But always, there comes a time of acknowledging how much they must be off-center in their own lives to behave in such a way. I guess that’s where compassion comes in, and I continue to work on that. It is so easy to love the loveable, a little harder to love those who are uncaring an unkind.

    One thing I know for sure, I am grateful for your presence in my life, and also for the daily reasons to smile at Douglas and his antics. Never has an old guy been so adored by so many, your unabashed love for him is quite contagious. ❤


  4. I missed “hearing” your voice last week. I’m glad your car is all patched up and back to normal. I’ve never been one to care what my car looks like, but dings, and scrapes always embarrassed me for some reason.

    Doug makes a dandy looking vampire.


  5. A kiss from a vampire poodle? No wonder your health is in decline.

    You did not need that car accident. I hope you recover from it soon. That said, some forms of injury take a lot longer to heal up.

    If you can take vampire dog kisses and live, I’ve got some more goodies for you:
    Blessings and Bear hugs, eh?


  6. For the life of me I cannot remember which movie that line came from. I’m pretty sure it was Sandra Bullock…She’s making fun of someone and saying You looooooove her. You want to maaaarrrry her. Were you quoting that movie? Maybe I just thought so ’cause you were talking about movie marathons.
    Congrats on your first co-pay!!! Here’s to many more!


  7. Holing up and licking your wounds while watching bad movies is the way to go. Doug still standing in front of the bookcase to go out? Poor guy – at least he’s a happy nut. Yay for co-pays and (hopefully) feeling a little better and vampire poodles.


  8. Even though I had to highlight your entire post to be able to read anything, I love, love, love the pictures. Vampire Doug, how adorable!! I’m sorry I haven’t noticed you were absent, as I was pretty absent myself, have been for a while, and with everything that’s going on here, I don’t see the situation change anytime soon. Still fine with it and keep on knitting 🙂 Have a great week, Ivy, and get better!!


    1. bacterial infection sounded serious! BUMMER! Hope you feel better soon… thank goodness for a decent health care system re work support… I did read your post but my comments keep getting eaten in certain places… In Christine’s blog they seem to multiply…go figure!


  9. Let me know if you need more movie recommendations. Not sure I can top Troll 2, but I should be able to come up with some more.

    I would wish that you would get a good break soon, but I’m afraid that the operative word would be “break” instead of “good,” so I will keep my thoughts to myself. I do, however, hope you have healing and that the great unsticking continues.

    And Doug is just Mr. Personality!


    1. Y’know I am getting better… I suspect I just suffer primarily from fatigue and lousy attitude syndrome at this point… my injuries are settling I want to believe… and DOuG well, that goes without saying!


  10. Is your vampire poodle photoshopped or did you have a very cooperative dog which allowed you to put fangs on him for the photo? So cute! My husband has hung out with the eagles too, and taken some amazing photos of them. That is a great looking flyer for your friend’s book. I remember years ago when I was trying to come to terms with what I believed as far as religion and spirituality, that there were so many people who seemed to want to try to persuade me as to what church to join or not join, or even whether believing in God was a good thing. It truly was a time of wrestling with the Spirit for me. Through prayer and faith you will find the answers you seek.


    1. I have a free app on my phone called Picsart that allows you to adapt photos… that was an old shot of DOug when he was wanting a belly rub… it just invited fixing… THanks for the encouraging words!


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