Driving Lessons: A Six Sentence Story

245Pauline didn’t learn to drive until the summer of her 81st year. It was the same year her husband died, and since he had driven them everywhere, she decided that it was time. It’s not like she hadn’t  attempted to learn to operate a vehicle, she had. When she was much younger her husband tried to teach her. It ended with her purposely driving their Ford station wagon, passenger side down into a ditch, and hollering, “You always gotta be right, well go to hell, Al!” As she jumped to the ground from the hovering driver’s seat, she had the presence of mind to take the keys, which she flung as far as she could into the woods of Cherry Street Extension.

Welcome to Six Sentence Stories: the cue is Right.

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15 thoughts on “Driving Lessons: A Six Sentence Story

  1. Wonderful!! I adore her! I bet she got the hang of it just fine at 81! This brought back memories of me teaching my younger sister to drive on the lake roads near the cabin we had there. When it came to driving up a hill she panicked and jumped out of the car, running ahead up the hill, and leaving me to follow with the car. We laugh about it still. 🙂


  2. There must thousands of tales of learner drivers doing the unpredictable. My wife feeling it was all too much to take took her hands off the steering wheel relinquishing all responsibility for the car from that moment on.


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