Unless I was around to back him up, Skip would never draw attention to himself by barking. I gave my key to my friend Ned so that he could get into my house. He needed to find some paperwork that I had forgotten to bring for him. When he got there he was having a hard time finding the papers so he called me at work.

After searching for about a half an hour he located what he came for and I said,   ” …be sure the door closes so the dog won’t get out.”

He replied, “there’s a dog in here!?”


That will never be Joulie’s problem.


12 thoughts on “Bark

  1. Delightful story! So different in personality are Skip and Jolie from one another, yet each so adorable in their own way! My furkids will typically hide if a stranger enters the house, but Sophie, the most meek one of them all, is also the official greeter and will make sure that no one leaves our home with their clothes unfurred! 🙂


  2. each dog, being as much a ‘person’ as any of us, will act (or bark) in the context of how they relate themselves to the world around them. From the skip stories I’ve heard, he was a tough little dog and they’re the ones who feel little need to put the world on alert, feeling confident that they can deal with whatever comes their way.


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