Two Posts in ONE Day? Are You On Drugs or Something???

…Well as a matter or fact, NO I AM NOT! I just finished my last run of steroids and hopefully soon my last run of steroid induced mood disorder as well. All that aside it’s time for a few things … First things first:

THunnamed-11-e1462409384457E SIX SENTENCE CUE OF THE WEEK IS “GIVEN.”

  • six sentences, no more, no less
  • any genre
  • use the cue
  • post on Thursday
  • hop around and comment yer little heart out!

In addition I would like to announce The Great Unsticking of 2017. If you recall I had begun the last Unsticking with a vision board. A kind of a visual motivation for my goals.unnamed I do have some goals, some of which I have already begun and one of which is a carry over from the last Unsticking. SO LET’S GO!

  1. See that poem in the upper left block? It was written for me years ago. I want to feel like I can live up to that poem. Apparently the person who wrote it believed it, so maybe I can too.
  2. I love art and a good friend’s kiddo does as well. They would like a mentor of sorts… so I have decided to help out with that. I’ll do my best and hope it helps.
  3.  For a few years I have been on a spiritual journey. After an active two-year search I’ve finally come to a  place where I feel I can focus better on an actual practice and stop searching. Sometimes you have to be still and listen for what comes to you, stop forcing it, stop seeking and see what’s been in your path all along.I want to grow spiritually, altruistically, emotionally…I want to be part of something “bigger.”
  4. I also want to expand my professional practice into an entirely private practice. I no longer find working for a group is all that healthy for both my physical and emotional stress levels. I need time off not related to health.
  5. I want to recover physically to a point that I am at least functionally able to consistently work part time, walk independently and reliably, walk my dog, return to gentle and reasonable boxing drills and exercise not specific to rehab, and continue to manage pain with minimal meds and maximum mental health, meditation and mindful living.
  6. PicsArt_07-24-03.34.06Last but certainly not least. I want to give Joulie an opportunity at the same wonderful senior lifestyle Skips had. She has been nothing but a happy little bundle of pirate faced energy since the day she showed up. She’s my own personal canine version of Sponge Bob and we all know how I feel about the Sponge.

This is a fairly rudimentary outline, but this is how it starts. The Great Unsticking of 2017 has begun!


9 thoughts on “Two Posts in ONE Day? Are You On Drugs or Something???

    1. Thank you my friend! I have yet to read sss from last week and was realizing yesterday thats how I stay in contact with you… I miss you that means!!! I will catch up soon… Body willing.


  1. Wow…I was writing six for last week and then my blog had a fart and I just realized right this second that I never went back to finish. What is wrong with me lately??? So now I guess I’ll need to do two for this week. Or something. Given – I like that.
    Good unsticking plans – you always inspire me in so many ways.


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