From Where I Stand, Sit,Well ok, …Am Lying Down; Sharing Six Sentences of Randomness

I let a person who is practicing communication with animals  work with Joulie on the fact that I would like her to change her licking habit.  I should have specified that I wanted her to lick me less not more.

Remember “As the World Turns” ? I just had a flash of that for some reason.

Thisimg_20170125_172855357 is what the backside of a toy poodle looks like when she knows exactly the tennis ball (out of seven or more) for which she seeks.

This is what hope looks like.



22 thoughts on “From Where I Stand, Sit,Well ok, …Am Lying Down; Sharing Six Sentences of Randomness

  1. Delightful mish-mash post! Maybe Joulie misinterpreted her training instructions. 🙂 Her search for the perfect ball isn’t that much different than our search for the perfect sox in the drawer or that one snack hidden in the back of the pantry shelf! I share your hope that your UPS guy will follow the posted sign. Sometimes their placement of packages leaves a bit to be desired/pondered? Before the days of pkg tracking online they once put a pkg inside my garage, except it was used as storage and we rarely entered it. Found the missing package after several calls to UPS.


  2. No question about dogs having favorite toys. We have a similar arrangement, I think it’s a wicker laundry basket for Una’s toys and she too will digs through 27 chew toys, balls and noise-making fake animal to find the one toy that she has a hankering for.


  3. What a cute photo of Joulie! I am so impressed that her stuffed toys are all intact. Drexel’s theory is that every stuffed toy’s purpose is to become unstuffed.


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