downloadPlease make me some toast of a bit of brioche, or a pizza of Indian naan.

Maybe a taftan, a nice rye or baguette schmeered with some mustard, on a deep fried croquette.

Perhaps some nut butter with raisins and apples on a nice piece of challah, or you’d prefer maybe scrapple?

You could use some kraut, and some sausage with beer.beer_0_0_0

You could really enjoy it with a slice of paneer.

No matter the filling it don’t really matter as long as there’s bread on my platter to shlather!



13 thoughts on “SSS: BREAD

  1. I made a Costco employee laugh the other day when I told him I was addicted to naan. He wasn’t sure he heard me correctly. “Did you say you’re addicted to this?” Yep. I have a serious naan problem. 🙂


  2. Delightfully fun to read, and now you have me thinking bread thoughts too! There is no better smell in the house than bread baking in the oven (unless it’s fudge cooking on the stove)!! 🙂 Please don’t send my farmhouse ghosts to the kitchen again next week! LOL


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