1. I probably  never mentioned it before but I have a lizard pirate living in my home. You wouldn’t  think gratitude  would come to mind but it does.IMG_20170401_094720423
  2. She’s  a Sox fan20170610_171452
  3. And has as much fun as I do when we go to work on Saturday. 20170609_090418
  4. A good friend went back to chemo this week but Joulie has a way of reminding everyone of the bright side.PicsArt_06-04-05.08.28
  5. Pumpkin waffles, gluten free, dairy free and really were just as good for a change.20170604_155500
  6. Strawberry smoothies20170603_112135
  7. Warmer, sunny weather20170604_135411
  8.  Ol’ timey photo booths20170610_182502
  9. Rejuvinating bromiliad….whew…thought it was a goner….20170608_101454
  10. The SIX SENTENCE STORY….WANNA KNOW THE CUE??? WELL IT’S  “LINK.”unnamed-11-e1462409384457

8 thoughts on “SSS AT THE TToT

  1. Love those old photo booths. They are commonplace at weddings nowadays along with signs and props to make the photos really funny. I’m amazed that you can rejuvenate a bromeliad. Is it from last year? Do you keep it inside? We had one in a pot last year but it didn’t make it through the winter. So glad Joulie is able to provide comfort, love and humor (Ahem, argh, etc). to a friend going through a difficult time. Yay for gluten free and dairy free food that doesn’t taste like styrofoam. Have a good week. Well, well.


  2. yeah, I’m with Val on the photo booths. of course, I’ve never been in one, much less had a photo taken, but like most of us I grew up with the concept, the central of which you demonstrate, i.e. there is no such thing as a single photo booth photo.

    ( “ARR”)


  3. Pumpkin waffles sounds tasty.
    At first I thought the bromeliad was rhubarb. 🙂 I’m going to have to read more about your plant.
    Yeah for you having some warmer, sunny weather! Here it is still bouncing back and forth between heavy downpours and rays of sunshine off and on. It is still more like Spring than Summer here, and technically it is Spring, so I guess it is “just right.” 🙂
    I can’t think of a better lizard pirate than Joulie to steal your time. I’m sure she enjoys every minute with you.


  4. Another one here for pumpkin waffles. I’m glad I came onto your TToT. Joulie always makes me smile and I needed that today, give her a cuddle from me 🙂


  5. We adore that little lizard pirate! Papa Bear breaks into pirate speak every time we see a new photo of her. 🙂 I know the photo for your friend undergoing chemo made her smile. You put so much TLC into your friendships!

    Both the pumpkin waffles and the strawberry smoothie looked tasty… and good for you! It’s fun to find things you can eat that are actually yummy! By the way, you now have Papa Bear hooked on pure maple syrup for his waffles, a twice-monthly indulgence.

    Oldtime photo booths are the best, remember what a blast they were with friends back in the days when taking photos was more rare, and usually on birthdays, Christmas, etc?

    Your yard is once again summer beautiful, and I am green with envy. Although the plentiful rain here has at least made our weeds grow. It is fun to see a droopy plant recovering too, life often has away of doing that!

    While I can’t be any more thankful than Joulie appeared to be about you working on Saturday, I am thankful that your business is doing great (as I knew it would), and you are keeping busy enough to need those few extra hours to keep up with the paperwork. A silver-lining thankful.

    And the SSS cue is link, now what shall I link up about link? That’s a brain twister! I am thankful you give us a great place to share our efforts each week. 🙂
    Blessings to you in the days ahead this week. XOXO


  6. WHEN DID YOU GET A LIZARD PIRATE?! I had no idea…. Love the photo of her at your office.

    Pumpkin waffle sounds good, although I’d opt in for the gluten and dairy, because I live on the wild side. Strawberry smoothie is awfully healthy, but I’d be down for one.

    Chemo sucks. Good luck to your friend.

    Where’d you find the photo booth?

    Maybe the bromiliad just misses the rain forest?


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