Random Thoughts and Living Under Quarantine With Joulie



  • It’s  almost 2 am and I just remembered I was supposed to call my nephew back yesterday morning.
  • The meme is right20200415_201637
  • I am far more worried  about the political climate than I am about catching Covid 19. At least there’s a way to protect  myself from illness.
  • I keep trying to think of a way to make a difference, but instead I just feel my Karma losing ground every time I think of this POTUS and the elected officials (who through obsession with their own self interests and wanting to keep their jobs,) refuse to stand up to this bully and represent the people who put them into those offices in the first place.
  • I’m certainly not alone in my anger…but no one else seems to know what to do either. I am angry and frustrated…very very frustrated.
  • Joulie is snoring  which always makes me smile.20191117_155859
  • She finds my willingness to play tug of war for a mere one or two hours daily to be wholly insufficient.
  • This is not Joulie’s  first time conquering a metropolis.
  • I need a beach… February was not so long ago. I can still return to morning walks on the beach.
  • Time for a bad B movie to put me to sleep. Here’s  to everyone finding a little more peace today. 🕉20200125_212603



2 thoughts on “Random Thoughts and Living Under Quarantine With Joulie

  1. I have to agree with you that the political scene at the moment is far more scary than the virus. I also miss that beautiful beach, and the peace and freedom we felt there. The time will come again, the palm reader promised! 😊 Keep believing! ❤️

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