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Yesterday’s post was difficult for me. I was so close to taking it down because … well, truth is that I am really not accustomed to being so honest in my blog posts. I’m finding that I am suffering from a bit of emotional runoff lately. It’s kinda leaking out and it’s making me uncomfortable.

I am glad there is treatment still available despite what went down this week. imagesCAVS47L0

Okay enough honesty for today.

In the meantime, let’s do a pictorial Ten things of Thankful for the mid-weekend crew…

unnamed (23)Hypothermia is a big deal for the girls. We have been fortunate and never lost any of them to the cold, but one of the girls was pretty cold the other day. I brought her in and attempted to warm her up slowly like the vet said but she was just too far gone. I’m glad she was inside and warm. I suspect she was ill anyway as all the other girls are- and have been- fine and the coup is quite warm. We have been keeping them indoors (in the coup not the kitchen, Dyanne!) during these subzero temps. I am grateful for the girls. I realize how much I enjoy having them around especially when things like this happen. This is by no means a real farm. It’s the kind of  place where we keep chickens and geriatric poodles as pets.

unnamed (32) I was cleaning out some stuff the other day. I came across the chimes in the foreground. I have very little of my partner Tseering’s things as he was a die-hard minimalist. Even photos are kinda scarce. So it was nice to come across these, bruce and to hear from the people who were nice enough to take Bruce the camel when we needed to find a home for him. You probably don’t recall but Tseering and I bought him from a traveling circus that was really treating him badly. We were supposed to buy a car the next day but decided Bruce needed us more. He stayed with us for a few days until we could find someone to take him permanently. Bruce has been living in VT for the past 12 or 15 years (we couldn’t remember how long). Bruce died a peaceful death ushered out with his loving family well into his 40s which is pretty good for a camel in captivity. Not to mention he was a happy guy and so loved. It’s been a weird couple of weeks, but it’s still nice to get a few reminders from a past that I truly miss.

unnamed (33) Previously mentioned geriatric poodle.

unnamed (34) Look what came in the mail today from very special someones.

Oddly this photo has a few things in it… unnamed (35)ie I still have my living tree lit up… not decorated per se but I like the lights so…. nuff said. And there is a Sunday Paper there that I have yet to read from last week and Doug hasnt “READ” it yet0812121041 again, nuff said. Also a small bicycle restorator has been my savior as I can’t ride a regular bike right now and can’t box right now… so you guessed it…nuff said.

Kristi got kinda hit by some trolls this week. I am really happy she recognized my desire to support her even though I am using a different moniker now… I quote: ” I KNEW it! You’re Ivy!”


So I think that’s at least ten if not I invoke rule 65.4 subsection e of the SBOR/BOSR that says in the case of an informal, un-numbered, non-itemized list this particular rule will cover any under- or over- flow of said items.

Hey have a great Sunday.

Ten Things of Thankful
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33 thoughts on “Picture This…

  1. Glad you’re still doing TTOT. The one you missed is that we are very thankful you are still among us. And there there is Douglas (which is about all one can say).

    Blessings and Bear hugs!


      1. I always thought offence was what you built to separate your property from your neighbour’s. I doubt that Douglas could take something that large anywhere.

        But I’m only a Bear, and I’ve never met Douglas, so what do I really know?

        Blessings and Bear hugs, Ivy!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. No we just decided to make our old beat up car due until we could get another. We biked a lot and far for a few years! Bruce was a joy to have around. He lived on our friends horse farm for years. That sweet face of his was his true nature.


  2. Lots of tangible down to earth blessings in this list, all with lovely photos! Isn’t it amazing how the little things can subdue the harsh lights of the big bad stuff? I was smiling for you as I read this post! You are so good at this thankful thing! Xoxo


    1. Youre right… about the little things. A couple years ago I wouldnt have connected as much good with losing Bruce or finding the chimes….time is a healer of sorts.


  3. Yup, I see ten. And we definitely count the one where we’re thankful that you are here.
    I love that you bought a camel. How wonderful to get those little reminders this week.
    I think your tree is damn cute. So is your geriatric poodle. I mean really, he is SO adorable.


    1. We got Bruce rather impulsively. You shoulda seen us trying to keep from getting pushed downhill by the camel in the horse trailer attached to the back of a ten year old Tercel! This week wasn’t my first scrape with death!!! Hahaha ***maniacal laughter***


  4. Bruce the camel! You are so dang AWESOME! (by the way my dad often types his emails in all caps and so I’ve come to kinda love it a little bit after for-years of telling him that it’s like yelling)
    Yay for that geriatric poodle. For you. Thank you for your support among the trolls. You made it better. F’real.


  5. A camel? You are certainly a woman of many experiences. Hooray for life and continuing to live fully. PS. I have a friend who only texts in capital letters. It really gets on my nerves. But she’s like that in real life, too, so I don’t say anything.


    1. Bruce was a happy accident. I hate circuses and there was a small one in town that T wanted to see … he hadnt been to one and couldnt take my word about how awful they are so we went and Bruce was there. He was in bad shape so ….

      Hey you are still going to spam. I think I may have figured it out and changed it but if you dont appear here after a comment could you email me and I will try to recall also to keep checking!?

      Yeah, that cap thing used to drive me nuts but now that I know Judi isnt mad Im okay with it…if she was like that in Real Life it would be wayyyy to much!


  6. I have to say I’m a little disappointed that you didn’t bring the chickens into the kitchen. Not enough dining room chairs?
    Who buys a camel from a circus? Silly me, who else?!
    Hey, Doug, buddy. Love ya, pal.


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