Get A Cue!

My internet is out, but here is the jiffy version…

The cue for this weeks six sentence story is : POUND.

  • Be sure to come back on Thursday and post your story.
  • Six sentences…no more…no less.
  • Somehow include the cue….vaguely….directly…we’re easy!
  • any genre…we really are easy!
  • Mix and enjoy!unnamed (11)


4 thoughts on “Get A Cue!

      1. yay!!!!! Im happy you want to post it… it gets easier doesnt it!? just an FYI, the heat really did get to my laptop one year and I had to keep it in an airconditioned room when it was recharging in the summer. In the winter it was fine… it was a Dell… eventually we had to send it back to the company and they fixed the problem but they said it was because of the summer heat…Im not typically an a/c fan and I tend to take it with me outdoors to write on the porch so I guess it was “too delicate a little flower” for such heat!


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