Six Sentence cue, TToT, and a Challenge!

So as you all know my friend Joulie has joined the clan here at the barn. I have to admit I’ve slipped and called her Skip a few times, but she doesn’t seem to be offended when I do.  Please welcome Joulie in her first official capacity as blog-dog . Introducing her first SIX SENTENCE STORIES cue of the week:PicsArt_07-31-07.39.58

This week’s cue is MINUTE. See you Thursday for the link up! Six sentences, any genre, use the cue any way you like.

Remember a week or so ago I mentioned a challenge for the month of August? Well it starts tomorrow! It’s a no rules free for all. I will post a link if you would like to participate. Feel free to participate daily or sporadically…no challenge police will be around and really it’s just a bit of fun! Here’s the page to explain it all. THIRTY DAY ART CHALLENGE. There’s also a page on the top header of the blog!PicsArt_07-15-08.03.02

  • And without further delay….the TToT
  • I am grateful for my phone which has let me post even if I cant open my TToT host file for some reason… I have to figure out how to better use my computer through the posture this injury has inflicted upon me.
  • Thanks goes out for the new car. Every time I ride in it I am amazed at my good fortune.
  • I am sooooo grateful for the acupuncturist who has given me my first significant relief in weeks.
  • IMG_20160730_185618Have I mentioned the new doggy?She thinks she’s a parrot and perches on my shoulder quite a bit.
  • I was able to go back to work. Luckily I have flexibility and could work more days with shorter hours as sitting is still tough.
  • The injury doesn’t seem to be changing much but the acupuncturist, a powerful TENS unit, and further testing should be beneficial…. remaining hopeful
  • I am so grateful for my mother’s understanding of my current situation. I feel horribly that I’ve been unable to see her for weeks since I got hurt. We talk a lot but I miss her.

Have a great week… Gotta run…sorta…

13 thoughts on “Six Sentence cue, TToT, and a Challenge!

  1. I don’t know how many times I called Deedee “Willow.” Our guide dog meetings are always really entertaining, as names of past and current dogs are used almost randomly. We switch puppies, and often have to ask, “Which dog do I have?” Our puppy club is primarily made up of yellow labs, and they tend to look quite similar. (Truth be told, I’m pretty sure I’ve called my kids by the dog’s name once or twice, and they don’t look anything alike!) Anyway, just trying to say that mixing up the names is (or, at least I hope is) pretty normal. 🙂


  2. Oh bless your dear heart, and “Jolie’s”–yes, I’ve fallen into giving her the full French treatment (since she doesn’t know about me). I’ve already forgotten what I was gonna say…anyhoo, I think any dog would fall in love with you immediately, you just have a way about you. Try to take it easy, prayers continue. And I love the Cue–“hey, Frank! up ‘n at ’em–it’s go-time!!”

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      1. You’re welcome always. Hey, one of my lovely young Filipino readers asked about August challenges, so I’ve given her your link–I raved about you, and I think she’ll enjoy it 🙂


  3. Gee, have I mentioned how much I like the spelling of the new one’s name? lol
    She’s a darned lucky dog to have you as her person but…. she’s got awfully large paws to fill!!


  4. It must be hard when you aren’t sure if you’re supposed to be a dog or a parrot.
    My mom still uses the French bathroom commands for my dog now, which is a nod back to who they were really for, my guide dog and my brother’s guide dog which we got in Quebec. My mom uses that command still. It’s how we won’t ever fully let go of the animals we love. I am sure your new girl understands.
    Glad too that you have found relief from a TENS unit. I never could manage to get passed the sensation and let it distract me from the pain underlying it.
    Have a good week.


    1. TENS has been a Godsend. It is definitely odd though. My bathroom command for skip was to get him out of the bathroom…. all I ever needed to say was there are some things we do alone. Then he would turn around and leave the room

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  5. I’m so so glad you have therapies and strategies in place to manage the pain. I hope it all gets much much better soon! And HOORAY for Joulie and her parrotiness and for your mom being understanding. When do we get a pic of the new ride?


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