1. The Six Sentence Stories (cue on Sundays, link on Thursdays) seems to be catching on… I’ve always liked this when Josie did it too because how hard is it to read six sentences? Sometimes I have a hard time making enough time to hop around enough…but six sentences feels doable to me… If you want to read some quick and fun posts the link is still there.

2.cropped-unnamed-27.jpg Doug

3. unnamed (18) unnamed (19) peonies in the yard

4. mali-705083 stock-vector-realistic-analog-toggle-switch-tumbler-in-off-state-22125148 creative solutions

5.unnamed (20) lovely vignettes

6. unnamed (17) A friend asked me to participate in a vision board project. There are really only four things on mine. one: Make my car last until I absolutely need a new one … figure out how to make that happen because it’s coming. two: edit the book by removing the part I objected to from the start. It’s keeping me from wanting it published. I had reasons to refuse publication when it was offered two years ago, but one has resolved and the other is the part of the book that I am uncomfortable with. I wanted to remove this section all along, despite what the publisher wanted… too bad… If it doesn’t get published, I’m okay with it… as long as it’s still my book. three: Improving my spiritual life, and four: More disposable income to have an affordable vacation that doesn’t coincide with time off for medical reasons.

7. 20130921_151450-1zinnias

8. SBOR/BOSR and the dance of the seven virgins.

9. Harriette

Harriette 2005-2015
Harriette 2005-2015

10. SBOR 1.3 or is it 3.1 I can never recall… commence with the dance!

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43 thoughts on “TToT

      1. I don’t know why I can’t reply under the right comment…

        All I know is that a beta reader gets to read a book before the general public. What else would I do. (YES I’m interested!)


      2. because not unlike the rest of my life….my blog is also in need of divine intervention or at least a priest. This comment just went to spam! twice!


    1. I am on a ROLL!!!
      I’m glad your 6 sentence revival is going so well. It’s been fun reading them. Because, you know, they are only 6 sentences. 🙂
      I still can’t get over the switch your mechanic installed. Did you even have to bribe him this time?
      I really hope that book thing gets worked out. I’d love to read it.


      1. The first edition of the book was just too brutal I think… I really hated parts of it that the publishers wanted. Its as if you cant get published unless youve had the life kicked out of you… Im okay with that…. I dont need to be published. After its edited do you wanna be a beta reader? I feel badly for my first betas because the book is absolutely traumatizing if you ask me… Im not too worried though as a few I suspect didnt get around to reading it anyway.

        A pound of fudge goes a long way with my mechanic! This was a cheaper repair cost than it actually was in terms of labor Im sure. Way under $100.

        I love only six sentences! 🙂


  1. DANGIT she’s quick!

    Gonna go back and check through the rest of the six sentence stories. For the first time in my life I would have a few things to put on my own vision board, should I ever try to make one 🙂 Glad yours isn’t too cluttered, but some of them are BIG things…


    1. She’s like one of those old west gunslingers! Its all that good clean farm livin’! I have to admit I always thought the vision board thing was crap… but I decided to try to be more open minded and stop being such a nudge… Its nice to be asked to participate in stuff!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. *****Lizzi’s secondary Scott now pointing another gun at Clark… luckily her Clark will only carry the kind that says “KAPOW” on the flag when you press the trigger.*****


  2. Geewhilikers, those flowers on your header are GORGEOUS! Richard’s work or yours?
    I like your vision board. I hope it helps you make your visions a reality.


  3. I enjoy participating in the Six Sentence Stories. Your prompts meaningful; I like that there are many ways to interpret the word. The flowers are beautiful (heart, heart) and so is Doug. Very interesting about our book. I feel you have made a decision about removing part of it that just doesn’t feel right and you have to go with your gut for that. Boo hoo, Bu.


    1. Thanks Val! I try to pick versatile words! Its kinda fun choosing! Makes me feel all powerful and stuff! LOL!~

      Yeah that edit on the book is needed . I think its part of what is keeping me feeling stuck. Turns out the shrink and Richard were right about the writing thing last week. I had to fess up this week … :/


  4. I love those zinnias! Soooo colorful! Gorgeous! And Doug – I always love him, too. 🙂 Your vision board is awesome. What a great idea. And now you have me wondering what I’d put on mine. I’ve never written or published a book, but I say it’s YOUR book. Do what feels right because it’s going to be your name that’s on the cover. 🙂


    1. I think zinnias could be my favorites just because of the colors! I really feel that way about the book but when faced with publishing or not its a tough decision as publishing often doesnt happen. BUt Im okay with that… I cant leave it as it is and feel good about it.


  5. Your peonies are so pretty – maybe next year mine will flower. This year they have to recover from the disruption they went through. I have recently started to gain a real appreciation for old fashioned flowers like zinnia and ageratum. Zinnias come in so many colors and flower forms and they bloom a lot easier than gerbera daisies.


    1. zinnias are like the weeds of the beautiful flower world… so easy to grow and always the first to show and the last to leave… like a lousy houseguest but thats great with flowers!


  6. I have been reading some of the six sentence stories. I may have to try one soon. We both have beautiful flowers on our minds. I love your peonies too.


  7. I keep hearing about this vision board thing…I think I might want to do this.
    The Harriette pic reminds me I have chicken photos for you. Have to remember to post those. (After the party…promise.)
    And this is the second post where I see beautiful photos. I’ve been seriously lacking in that department. Well, except for the chicken pics. And Kidzilla pics.
    I’m sorry I’m a “comment and run” today…need sleep for tomorrow!


  8. Where to begin? Spongebob of course! Thanks so much. That is so-o-o your dance, non? 😀
    Doug always.
    Beautiful flowers. I love the color, contrast, fragrance….a rainbow. And rainbows are all good.
    The car thing. I can relate. Once upon a time I was at the mercy of whoever the recommended guy at the time was and then I met someone. Mechanical genius guy. I’m glad you have a mechianic “guy”. Most important:)
    This whole vision board thing. Not a new concept and yet it’s circled round and seems to be quite popular again. Funny that you are trying it out as I was thinking the same thing! I’m also getting into Feng Shui. I’ve got to admit it was Cyndi that tipped me to thinking about really doing the vision board. Now that you are Zoe, well, think I’m gonna jump in to. But where to begin?!
    (hey! didn’t I begin this comment with those words?)


    1. I will give you the advice that was given to me about the vision board. And that was to keep it to 2 to4 things at least three of them have to feel really doable but you’ve just been putting them off for a long time then you can keep adding to it as you feel more confident with it.

      and yeah. Bob!


  9. hey! who the hell resurrected Margaret Hamilton and put her in charge of wordpress!?!? I just put the finishing touches on my little bon mot… and hit Comment and what do I get, a message, and I quote:
    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.”

    This being a family blog hop, I will refrain from relating my cutting riposte…. suffice to say, I expressed displeasure. lol


  10. Oh my son loves himself some SpongeBob. Me on the other hand…we went to watch it in the theater and we both fell asleep. Yeah, it was that good 🙂
    I hope that you car lasts that long too. Mine decided to crap out a few weeks ago. The wheel well rusted out so basically the wheel and axel and all the things fell off. Just like that. Thank goodness that my husband and his brother are handy with cars and were able to fix it for much cheaper than what it would cost at a dealership — eeks!!
    As for publication…give you all the credit in the world. That’s tough stuff. Do what makes you comfortable. It’s your name that’s going on it. It’s all your work and you own it!!!
    Beautiful peonies!!! Mine are almost that colour. I got white ones and lighter pink ones too!


    1. I can’t even begin to tell you how grateful I am for a good car guy! I love are peonies in actually I remember the last time I saw you are commenting on them and saying how I was sad that we didn’t have any and I didn’t even realize we had a big bunch of them out front she’s talked about being oblivious to your surroundings. and that boy of yours he’s got good taste you gotta love the Spongebob!


  11. I’m glad you’re going to go forward with the book. If California is on your travel plans radar, you could always save a dollar or two by staying here! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I am making good use of your book btw! California is someplace that I left and swore I would never return… however ….never say never…. especially when you have friends there and you live in my favorite part… the desert.


  12. Love those beautiful flowers (and my tired brain totally read “ponies” instead of “peonies” 🙂 ). It looks like Doug enjoys the nicer weather you seem to have. I, too, hope you get to find the funds for a nice, relaxing vacation, you absolutely deserve it, Ivy!!


  13. Oh, I love peonies! My great aunt had them, and they smelled so delicious! The ones around us have come and gone some time ago.
    Poor Harriette.
    The vision board is a cool idea. I may need one, with keeping two cars running for awhile longer on there. I think your vacay plans should include the Ozarks….
    I haven’t read anybody’s anything in over a week, but I am certainly intrigued by the switch story. Must go back and find it.
    The 6 sentence thing. Is that supposed to be fiction? Or does it matter?


  14. Beautiful flowers! I agree with Pattie above, I need to get those in my garden!
    Good luck with the car and the book, fingers crossed!


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